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How to Maintain Your Home Security Systems

Guest Blogger #810, Entry #1920, December 10, 2012

After installing new home security systems, it is always good to ensure that they are functioning properly. You cannot just sit back and assume that they are on the right track especially if you do not carry out regular maintenance. There are so many types of home security systems and that is why you need to carry out some specific maintenance steps to ensure that they are working properly.

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Home security tips to ensure your home stays safe

Image via: Dwell

Routine inspection

Check all the functional security systems in your home including alarms and surveillance cameras for any signs of deterioration. Also ensure that you check the wiring for any disconnection that might affect the functionality of the installed security system. Lastly, turn on the security system to confirm if it is working as expected.

Checking the power supply

The power supply is also another crucial factor that should be considered during the maintenance process. Some homeowners expect these systems to respond suitably anytime there is an intruder but in real sense, they normally rely on a particular source of power such as electricity or batteries. This brings the importance of ensuring that the source power is supervised at least once a month especially for devices that depend on batteries. These batteries should be changed regularly depending on their remaining power. It will be too hard for you to realize that the battery power is low if you do not carry out routine maintenance on these devices.

Check the audible systems

Sirens and speakers are crucial home security systems that also need to be maintained regularly. Just like the surveillance cameras, you need to ensure that the wiring has been done properly and there are no traces of disconnection. You can also turn them on to ensure that their audio sections are working properly.

Check the remote signals

Some security systems require remote signals to carry out their tasks as expected. If you have any type of security device that uses a remote signaling system, make sure that the batteries are working as expected and also test the signal quality by pressing the buttons. In case you encounter any problem when carrying out the routine checks on these security systems, you will be required to implement some changes:

• Test the device and make necessary adjustments including their positioning

• Make necessary repairs if possible

• Contact a professional home security company for further assistance if the two options fail to work for you

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Ensure your home is safe for your family

Image: Houzz

After inspecting the home security systems, most people forget to return them to their respective positions. A good example is a hidden surveillance camera that is normally attached to a clock.  This type of camera should be placed strategically to ensure it captures the proceedings of that particular room without facing possible obstructions from furniture and other items at home. Poor reinstatement always gives the burglar an advantage because the picture quality will be affected thus making it hard to identify all those captured in the footage. These are the major tips for maintaining the security systems in your home. For best results, they should be practiced at least once a month.

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