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Making the Right Impression with the Perfect Front Door

Guest Blogger #819, Entry #1930, December 13, 2012

Did you know that your main door may provide a clue to your personality? Let your impeccable taste show through your choice of entry door worthy of representing you and your family.

So what does your main door say about you?

main door rotating door

What does your main door say about you?

Image via: Wilson & Company Ltd

Wood-stained Main Door

If you prefer main doors that are stained rather than painted, there’s a big chance that you’re a nature lover. You appreciate the rustic beauty of wood finishes and feel the rustic appeal of wood-stained door best suit your personality. When people see that you have this kind of front door, they may have an initial impression that you’re someone who’s big on outdoor adventures.

Main Door with Glass Panels

Wooden doors with glass panels are more inviting than those without. This allows your guests to get a glimpse of the inside of your house without entering the house. It makes people see you as a transparent person and they will be more comfortable around you because they believe you don’t have anything to hide. Such doors give an impression of warmth and hospitality.

main door side windows

Try adding a main door with side windows

Image via: Green by Design

Main Door With Intricate Designs

Most people are aware that made to order wooden doors with intricate designs are quite expensive. Ornately designed wooden doors give off the impression of luxury, of well-maintained household and wealth.

Worn-Down Main Door

This gives off the impression of an ill-maintained home. Doors that are worn down have to be replaced. Depending on the damage, adding a fresh coat of paint should give your main door an updated look.

Bright-Colored Main Door

Bright colors indicate happiness, youth and vigor. It also makes that statement for you that you want to stand out. Your house may look similar to those who live in your neighborhood but you can still make your house look livelier with a brightly colored front door. A bright red door or a lemon yellow door will do great for a vibrant home.

If you choose to go with a colored door, you should also know about what the color you choose can say about your personality. Here are some of the most popular colors used for main doors and their meanings:


Main doors can be brown in color either through paint or wood stains. This color emulates someone who loves the environment. According to psychologists, brown has contrasting meanings. Their positive attributes include stability, reliability and warmth. However, darker shades of brown may express that a person does not function well in a large group so he or she would prefer to be left alone.

main door elevation

Beautify your front entry with a beautiful front door

Image via: Hallmark Interior Design


Psychologists have proven that the color red signals passion. If your main door is painted red, you give the impression that you are a very outgoing person who loves having fun and going on adventures.


This color is well-loved by most people for one very obvious reason. Green exudes the color of good health and peace of mind. In psychology, green means harmony, safety and tranquility. Anyone would love to have these in one’s home.


Main doors painted black express professionalism, sophistication, and strength. Black indicates authority and tells others that the person who owns that house treats his home seriously.


Studies show that blue is the most popular color chosen by many for their main doors. According to psychologists blue shows serenity, calmness and comfort. People love the color blue because it makes them forget all their problems once they enter the front door.

Everyone should be aware of the fact that main doors give others a hint of the homeowner’s personality. Wooden main doors create a big impact on the first impression people get when they visit your house for the first time. Choose the color and design which would best describe what you want your visitors to think about you.

Jove Arthur is a very detail-oriented carpenter. He also works as a sales manager at Door Emporium, an NJ-based company which offers a fantastic selection of wood entry doors, solid wood doors, and other equally beautiful interior doors.

For more exterior door ideas on Stagetecture, click here.

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