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Guest Blogger: The Best Paint Colors for Small Spaces

Guest Blogger #826, Entry #1952, December 22, 2012

Who said that just because you don’t live in a mansion that your house or apartment can’t be a contender for all of the high-end interior design magazines? Having a place that’s the envy of all of your friends isn’t about space; it’s about presentation and one of the most effective ways to make a decor statement is to be creative when it comes to the colors of paint that you use.

green interior paint idea

Paint your home with colorful paint

Image via: Renee Finberg

If you’re thinking about adding a touch of color to your walls (if you live in an apartment, make sure to ask your landlord if it’s OK first), but you’re not sure which hues will bring out the best out of the limited amount of room that you have, we’ve got a few suggestions that can have your place looking chic no matter what the size:


Not only does green symbolize health and vitality, but it’s also a color that can actually expand your space. That’s because green is a shade that naturally complements both natural and artificial light. As matter of fact, if you’d like to create the illusion of having a larger bedroom or living room, trimming green walls with white trim will definitely do the trick.


Orange is a color that embodies warmth, balance and energy. So, if you have a room in your house where you could like to convey that message, then it’s the perfect color for you. Another good thing about going with rich shades such as orange or red is that it can bring a lot identity and character to a room. People won’t mind how small a space is if it’s absolutely fabulous to look at and sit in.


Shades of blue are absolutely beautiful for bedrooms and bathrooms because they invoke feelings of peace, calm and security—all of the things that you want to feel when you’re in a mental state of rest and relaxation. One trick that can add volume to a room is to not only paint your walls blue, but your ceiling as well. Honestly, with just about any color that you select, it will create a seamless appearance.

blue interior paint idea

Blue paint idea

Image via: Yatzer

Yellow or Gold.

Two colors that can work just about anywhere are yellow and gold. While yellow represents joy and happiness, gold invokes royalty. Two rooms where a lot of people use both of these colors would be the kitchen and the living room. If you do consult with some house painters on how you can use these shades to open up the space in your house, they will probably tell you to combine them with something like a white or cream. For instance, you might want to paint one wall yellow and the opposing wall white; that could provide the optical illusion that your home is bigger than it actually is (especially if you add a large mirror to one of the walls).


You might think that the darker the color, the more close- in you’ll feel, but it all depends on how you use it. Purple, the color of spirituality, wisdom and enlightenment, is a beautiful complement to wood fixtures or a stone fireplace. When it comes to breathtaking décor, sometimes it’s more about creating a wonderful visual than making the space appearance larger and with purple you’re sure to make any room the center of attention.

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