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Guest Blogger: Top 4 Tips to Plan a Cancun, Mexico Holiday Vacation

Guest Blogger #824, Entry #1945, December 19, 2012


It was no surprise to hear Cancun named best Mexican holiday destination by two popular travel sites this month. The Caribbean resort in the Yucatan peninsula is like a snowball that keeps on growing. Starting out as a cult destination for college spring-breakers, it’s become a no-holds barred world party town that still has attractions for families too. Here are some of the reasons why.

1. Great beaches

Showcasing the trademark turquoise waters of the Caribbean and the Baia Mujeres, Cancun’s beaches are up there with the very best. Watching the golden sun rise above the watery horizon after a night partying has become a rite-of-passage experience for bleary-eyed students. But for many, beach life means getting active, and on that score too Cancun doesn’t disappoint. There are organised snorkelling, scuba diving and other water sports opportunities aplenty – these can also be a great way to meet new friends. If this sounds like the kind of experience you’re looking for, you can easily find the perfect resort for your Cancun holidays on websites such as

Mexico travel vacation

Mexico travel vacation

2. Friendly locals

In some tourist honeypot resorts, the locals shy away and keep to themselves. Not so Cancun, which is consistently praised for its levels of service and general welcome. Whether for its locals v tourists games of volleyball on the beach, or the cheery waiters in bars and cafes, the happy-go-lucky vibe of the place is what keeps people coming back for more year after year.

3. Nightlife

Cancun wouldn’t be Cancun without the best club scene on the Caribbean coast. Mega dance floors at the likes of Carlos and Charles’, or Coco Bongos, keep the hits coming and the clientele happy. The system for entry is a flat fee with free drinks at the bar all night, meaning the tequila and beers do tend to flow quite freely. But somehow Cancun keeps the focus on fun rather than simply getting tanked. After all, where else could you go into a club in your swimsuit and hurl yourself down a waterslide into a lagoon?

Mexico travel vacation Cancun

Visit Cancun Mexico for world class relaxing

4. Family attractions

Cancun is far more than just a party town, as shown by its popularity with families. On a visit to the Xcaret eco-adventure theme park, kids and adults alike will love the chance to walk through a bat-cave, swim with dolphins, and see exotic creatures including the lord of the South American jungle, the jaguar. Alternatively, wannabe Lara Crofts can journey into the ancient Mayan civilisation by visiting the excavations at nearby Tulum.

The Mayans have a prophecy that the end of the world is coming this Christmas. Well, it may take an event of cataclysmic proportions to knock Cancun of its perch at the top of Mexico’s tourist tree.

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