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Guest Blogger: Top Design Ideas for Your Beach Holiday Home

Guest Blogger #820, Entry #1933, December 14, 2012

If you are a beach lover that can’t seem to get away on holidays as much as you would like, maybe you should try decorating or incorporating the beach theme to your home. It could be done within a budget or you could splurge out and try and make that beach holiday home you’ve always dreamed about. Nonetheless, there are numerous ways to try to bring the beach atmosphere to your home, minus the ocean of course.

beach christmas tree

Bring the beach into your holiday home

Image via: DIY Newlyweds

Floor Coverings

This should be the initial stage of your beach theme. It may not be appropriate to lay sand on your floors, however think about the beach and rustic appeal. Disregard carpets altogether and search for your preferred wood finish or wood featured laminate. These will create a warm weather felling and will be the foundation of your beach themed home. Decorate your new floors will colourful rugs and furnishings that will brighten up and provide a warm feeling. You could potentially pick up novelty rugs in the shape of shells, these would definitely contribute to your theme.


When you think of a beach holiday, you think of warm weather, cool water and breezes and bright sunshine. Incorporate the colours of your imagination with the colours of the beach. Bright blue and yellow painted walls will certainly brighten the atmosphere internally. If you like to be creative, try using specific textures and mixtures of colours for whitewash effects to really set the vibe and unique atmosphere inside your home.

beach holiday ideas

Bring the beach into your holiday home

Image via: Ciao Newport Beach


This is the easier part. All you have to do is find furniture that appeals to you and specifies the beach theme. No need for dark and bulky furniture, more relaxed furniture is the key to finalising the interior of your home. Wooden features will reflect off the bright colours and wooden floor coverings. More simple furniture such as sofas and futons will suit effectively and blend in with the desired nature. If you have wide window frontage or sliding glass doors that attracts natural light, you could use this to your advantage to capture as much sunlight as possible. Blinds will be more appealing than curtains and will blend in more with the wooden vibe.

Decorative Appeal

To finalise the internal amenities in your home, embellish your home with preferred fixtures and ornaments that will essentially ‘cap off’ your beach theme. These are the little things such as a water cooler, pot plants and colourful fittings of your choice that will contribute to the theme.

beach christmas ornament

Beach ornaments are great decorations

Image via: Etsy


You don’t have to be as cautious outside. Here you can throw a couple of deck chairs, drink coolers and umbrellas to really enjoy the warm weather. If you have a pool, you could gather in or around it capturing all that the beautiful weather has to offer. You could even go to the extreme and insert sand to the ground outside. This would be more effective on a concrete surface. Yet again use favourable plants and trees to finish off your beach themed home. Another smart idea would be to purchase a gazebo. These create a Balinese theme and by adding palm trees, this will most definitely provide the preferred theme to your home and you can enjoy the cool breeze while enjoying your new surroundings.

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