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Homemade & Creative Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Christmas

Entry #1947, December 20, 2012

It’s Christmas time and trying to think of stocking stuffers can be a challenge! There are lots of things to be done with so little time to prepare for this festive season. Of course, Christmas season won’t last without gift giving, parties and fun-filled gatherings. One of the things that may drag your schedule is thinking of the best stocking stuffer. Obviously, you cannot have the same items every year.

stockings holiday

What will you stuff your Christmas stockings with this holiday?

Image via: Crate & Barrel

More often than not, you will have small gadgets and toys as your stocking stuffers. These items are great but very common. It might not provide the desired thrill and excitement to the recipient. However, you can bring out the best of your stocking stuffers with these creative ideas that you can use.

Homemade soap

There’s no better way to show your efforts than spending time and creativity in your gifts. It gives the right impression of love and sincerity. With homemade scented soaps, you will not only gain the happiness of the person receiving it but the appreciation of your efforts in giving. The scented soap is easy to make and the ingredients are readily available. Try using glycerin, peppermint or lavender oil for your favorite scents to give this holiday season.

hand made soap gift

Homemade soaps are always welcomed!

Image via: Craftori

Pom-pom snowman

This is certainly a cute stuff that anyone can appreciate. It is handy, eye-catching and fit for the season. The person who receives this item will definitely treasure this cute little stuff you have for him or her. You only need a few materials for this project and little skills in stitching. Don’t forget to add a red ribbon to highlight the holiday season.

Pom Pom snow man stocking stuffer

Make a homemade pom pom man stocking stuffer

Image via: Martha Stewart

Tassel bookmark

This is probably one of the easiest personalized stuff stocking that you can make. It can be made up of computer-printed designs or have it hand-painted. What makes this exciting is the unlimited creativity that you can have as your design for the bookmark. Adding a personalized message will be great.

With Christmas day fast approaching, you have to pick your choice for your stocking stuffers. It helps when you know the procedure and comfortable of doing it.

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