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How to Celebrate New Year’s Eve on a Tight Budget

Entry #1967, December 28, 2012

The holiday atmosphere is buzzing around and everyone is looking for ways to celebrate the advent of a new year. Midnight kisses, toasting of champagne, and the countdown are just a few aspects of a flourishing New Year’s Eve party. However, attending public events, scouring deal-sites for new activities or foods, or fighting crowds in parties can takes its toll on both your energy and pocket. So, homebodies and partygoers can change their routine this year and save their energy and money with these New Year’s Eve ideas:

invite friends for party

Invite friends for party

Image via: Real Simple

Arrange for a Home Party:

Are you thinking of taking reservations at a fancy restaurant? Drop the plan! Instead, celebrate the occasion with the people you love. Invite group of friends to your place and cook a lovely meal together. It will be much cheaper than having dinner at a pricy restaurant. You can follow that up with games or karaoke while waiting for the Time Square ball to drop on. Playing board games like Monopoly or Scrabble, card games, or a friendly low stake poker will help passing your time with great enjoyment. Spending a day with loved ones and delicious homemade foods can make your New Year’s Eve memorable forever.

holiday party at home drinks

Save money this New Year’s Eve with these helpful tips

Image via: Frontgate

Look for a Prix-Fixe Menu:

Adopt some tricks if you think that your NYE will not be complete without having a dinner at a nice restaurant. You can have a great deal with restaurants’ prix-fixe menus that usually include wine pairings. When making a reservation, ask the restaurant manager about the items included in their prix-fixe menu. Another way to save money on restaurant meal is to skip popular dinner times and trying to go early there. For example, going around 5 p.m., you can participate in the happy hour specials when many restaurants give concessions on appetizers and drinks.

Join a Free Concert:

Music is a great way to celebrate any occasion but it will not work out when you have to enjoy it alone. So, in order to celebrate this New Year’s Eve with music and on budget, check out local papers to where free concerts will be arranged in the park. Take your beloved or a special friend with you and spend the evening by enjoying live music at free of cost.

Joining carnival is great way to have fun on a NYE.

Joining carnival is great way to have fun on a New Year’s Eve

Image via: About

Join a Carnival:

Another great way to enjoy New Year’s Eve without spending a dime is to catch the spirit of a carnival. Find out where the best parade will take place. The spontaneous mood of celebration will surely make your New Year’s Eve a joyful one. Large cities generally have the most glittering, musical, and colorful parades.

These above ways may seem a little bit out of convention but they can make all the luxury of wealth shallow by comparison.

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