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Warming Your Outdoor Home with Wood Accents

Entry #1909, December 5, 2012

One of the primary concerns that this cold season brings is to have adequate warmth inside the home. It may be realized through appliances that can manipulate the temperature, fireplace or any other source that provides the appropriate amount of heat. The warmth inside the home is essential to maintain the comfort and convenience of people living inside.

However, your outdoor surroundings can also have the warm feeling you desire as well. Although it’s not the same temperature as you have inside but then the outdoor landscape and design can do the trick. Your outdoor designs can influence the ambiance and feelings you have even when you are outside. One of the most effective ways to have a warm feeling outdoor is by having wood accents in your design or landscape.

wood outdoors home patio

Outdoors wood home ideas – patio furniture

Image via: Sterling Huddleson

Here are some beautiful and impressive ideas of using wood accents to warm up your outdoor environment:

Have a wooden deck

The wooden deck will help you feel that you are still inside your home. The wooden color and natural texture provide the warm feeling even if you are outside. With wooden deck, the moisture from the air and soil is neutralized. It is a unique characteristic of wood to give a warm feeling to the surroundings.

Place wooden lounge chairs

This type of chair will definitely provide the warm ambiance you wanted outdoor. It will let you feel that the area is an extended space of your living room. You can also feel the warmth of the wood when you sit down and relax outside your home.

Plant trees in your surroundings

You can plant trees like palm, pine and other tropical or fruit-bearing trees. These trees will not only obstruct the tempo of the wind but also absorb the cold moisture of the air. This idea will also give additional color and style in your outdoor surroundings.

wood outdoors home lounge area

Warm your outdoor home with wood furniture

Image via: Zak Architecture

These are just some of the features that wood accents can provide. You can have all these done in your outdoor settings or just choose the best ideas that fit your landscape.

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