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After Holiday: Creative Uses for String Lights In your Interiors

Entry #1996, January 9, 2012


You can’t help but notice the glittering string lights during the holiday season. The majority of homes have at least a series of string lights in every home to highlight a holiday decor or Christmas tree. The string lights are popular for its flexibility, waterproof capability and longevity.

More often than not, string lights are kept in the storage after the holidays. However, it won’t be necessary if you implement some of these creative ideas. You can do these projects by yourself and have them light up your home interior.

string lights mason jar nightlight

string lights mason jar nightlight

Image via: Indulgy

Here are some creative uses for string lights throughout your interiors:

Mason jar night-light

This is a simple yet useful project for your string lights. All you have to do is to fill in the Mason jar with a string of battery-operated lights. You can add a series of strings depending on the size or space available in your mason jar. The Mason jar night-light can be placed in your pathway or wall lighting.

Path illumination

The string lights are energy efficient so you can turn it on every time you need a something to light up your way to your basement or going up and down on your stairs. You can also place this in your garage storage or closet where light is not always present. This can be done by using a duct tape or anything that will hold the lights at the edge.

string lights interiors

string lights interiors

Image via: Alvhem Makleri

Decorative flair

If you want to make the surroundings look lively especially when you host an event or a party, the string lights can do the trick. You can have it like running lights in your backdrop, table decorative lighting or at any area in the venue that needs flair. You achieve this by doing random string light assembly or have them in parallel display.

Take advantage of these creative ideas and you can certainly maximize the use of the string lights even after the holidays. These projects are easy to prepare and can be done in just a few hours.

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