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Clever Ways to Display and Hang Storage in Your Kitchen

Entry #2049, January 26, 2012

The availability of space in the kitchen has been a concern for the majority of households. All the kitchen utensils, equipment and appliances needed in this area are just too many to handle. But if you will try to cater them all, your kitchen will surely look cluttered and unpleasant. This makes hanging storage so popular these days.

When you opt to have this type of storage, you have to consider several things. You just don’t stick it on the wall and hang everything you have. You should take some time in planning to prevent your kitchen in disarray.

hanging storage kitchen

Kitchen hanging storage idea

Image via: Studio D design

Here are some clever ways to display and hang storage in your kitchen:

Have it two in one

If you want to maximize your space, consider having open shelves with hanging racks underneath. This should accommodate a lot of kitchen essentials with making your kitchen look chaotic. It is a pleasant way to display your items in an orderly manner.

Get some colorful utensils

Take advantage of displaying your kitchen utensils by making the most of their colors. A lot of kitchen utensils and pans are designed gorgeously with stunning colors. Basically, you are hanging them for storage purposes but having them as decorative items at the same time, are just amazing.

hanging pot storage kitchen

Hanging pot storage ideas

Image via: Andre Roth Blatt Architecture

Explore some patterns

A patterned display for your pots and pans is a beautiful view of your kitchen. You can explore the color shades. Different sizes or any patterned design. It’s like having pieces of functional and decorative wall arts. Take some time to arrange your items until you reach a desirable pattern. It should be fun and exciting task.

The orderliness of your hanging storage is very important to provide a beautiful kitchen interior. Hang only those items you need and keep those that are not. Oftentimes, less is more.

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