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Creative Loft Ideas for Your Kids’ Room

Entry #1983, December 4, 2012

If you do not have the luxury of space for your kids’ room, you can go for vertical designs. This means maximizing your kid’s room space from top to bottom. The idea is to make their room look spacious by maximizing every corner of the room and have your furniture go for height and not its width.

The reasons for implementing this idea is to provide comfort for your kids, give them more room space to move and better air circulation. You can achieve this by considering some of the creative loft ideas for your kids’ room. By doing these, you can be sure that your kids have a great time in their room that is very ideal for school and other activities.

kids loft ideas

Kids loft ideas for their bedroom

Image via: Kelowna Lake Life

Look for bunk beds

Bunk beds are designed for multiple accommodations in a single room with a limited space. It is a double deck bed that is perfect for kids. There are several designs that you can choose from to fit the dimension of your kids’ room. You can accommodate four kids by placing two bunk beds adjacent with each other. Your kids will definitely love the comfort of these beds.

3-in-1 loft

This well-designed loft bed is really amazing to look at especially if it’s your first time.  It has a comfortable bed on top and at the bottom, plus a storage cabinet for your kids’ dresses and other items. The cabinet looks great and will definitely save you space for a storage to be placed in their room. This furniture is simply a work of art.

kids loft bunk bed ideas

kids loft bunk bed ideas

Image via: OJ Fotos

Triple bunk beds

The triple bunk beds can save a lot of space in your kids’ room. Although it’s not vertical all throughout but then it is designed to maximize the corner of the room. It is shaped in a right angle to accommodate three kids in minimal space consumption.

These ideas are not only designed to maximize the space of your kids’ room but also ensure the comfort and convenience of your kids. More than anything else, your kids deserve the best that you can offer!

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