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DIY Saturday #131 – Spend Less Time Organizing This Year! (Video)

Entry #1984, December 5, 2012

Happy DIY Saturday Stagetecture readers, the first of 2013! Every January we all try to find ways to get organized and ensuring our home is functional and renewed is essential. Today on DIY Saturday I give simple tips to get your home organized in less time and tips for the entire year! One key is to purge before you start organizing as this will ensure you aren’t organizing old household items, trash, unused products, old clothes and more.

First, watch a video on how to purge before you start organizing!

kitchenette bar office

Create a home that is refreshed and organized this year

Image via: Harrell-Remodeling

You Tube – Purging Before Organizing your Home

Link to video –> Purging  before organizing your home

A home should be a place that can make you feel refreshed instantly. You can start this year by presenting yourself with a cleaner, tidier, and more organized home. In order to cut the clutter and unnecessary things from the storage areas and living spaces, you can work in the following ways:


Take a good look at your bedroom and sort out how you can reduce its weight. Do you have old showpieces, cranky table lamps, or faded artificial silk plants? Either throw them away or swap them with something tidier and better. Keep a smaller wardrobe this year with better quality clothes.

A decluttered bedroom.

A decluttered bedroom.

Image via: Paseoner

Living Room

Do you have stacks of old magazines in your living room? Recycle them! Move them in any shelf or away from sight.

If your kids’ toys are scattered all over the living room, either banish them to family room or move them in a storage box. Plus, remove the Christmas tree if it is still up.

Dining Room

If you have piles of paperwork in the dining room, clear them as soon as possible. Though dining table should be used for dining purpose only, some people use it as workstation too. For whatever purpose has it been used, just do not let old projects to clutter on it. Recycle, remove, or file them away.

Make some more space by discarding woolen or shag area rugs. Keep the floors bare or cover with sisal and cotton rugs.

An organized and open dining room.

An organized and open dining room.

Image via: Final Architecture


Peep through the cabinets and medicine chests and ditch all the medications, personal care items, and cosmetics that you use no longer. Just dump those items that you have stopped using and recycle the packaging. However, be careful with medications, as you should not throw them into trash or dump down drains.


Clean your refrigerator and free up fridge space by throwing away all the condiments that you have not used in last few months. You can donate or sell those appliances that you have not used more than a year. Try to bring more eco-friendly and recyclable items into your kitchen.

Tidy kitchen.

Tidy kitchen.

Image via: Roddy and Ginger

While organizing your home by dumping or re-arranging things, you can list these items into three categories – recycle, donation, and garbage. Keep those items that you can use after recycling, donate those that are in good condition but not necessary to you, and ditch the rest.

For more DIY ideas on Stagetecture, & Stagetecture’s YouTube Channel, click here.

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