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Fireplace Makeover: Give Your Fireplace a Facelift this Winter

Entry #2028, January 20, 2012

A fireplace is not only a precious source of heat in winter but also a big design opportunity. Besides providing a glowing warm inside the home, it provides many renovation possibilities. Look at these ideas to bring attention to your fireplace in your interiors.

Accent the Fireplace Wall

If your fireplace is small, you can create a big impact with it by surrounding it with an accent wall. It will do the job of making the hearth as the focal point of the room. Mosaic or tiles can be used on the wall. Use backlit onyx if you want the fireplace wall to glow. You can also use textured tiles in a color that matches your walls.

A simple, small fireplace with gray accent wall.

A simple, small fireplace with gray accent wall.

Image via: Alinskie

Renovate Brick Fireplace

A brick fireplace is very common and easy to reface. Painting is the most basic way to give a brick fireplace a new look. White is the most suitable color to use on brick fireplace but lighter shades like cream or pale yellow will be suitable too. You can also install board on top of the bricks and then add tiles of your choice. Marble tiles or slate tiles will give a sleek, contemporary look to the hearth.

Bring an Antique Look

In case if you are an admirer of country style, reface your fireplace with gray river rocks. These neutral-colored stones will not engulf a place and have an earth appeal to give your place a distinctive but old-fashioned look. Alternatively, an antique as well as sophisticated look can be brought by installing ceramic or porcelain tiles in it.

Cabin Creek River Rock

A fireplace with multicolored natural stones.

Image via: Flickr

Embellish Fireplace Surroundings

An ornate shelf brackets can give your fireplace an elegant look. Add the brackets just over the mantelpiece or to the wall around the fireplace. After installing the brackets, put the finishing touch by painting them in the same color as the fireplace frame. To enhance the beauty, you can also add fireplace screens, especially if you have a wood-burning hearth. Artistic screens made of wrought iron or stained glass are available that can increase the beauty of the whole room. Do not forget measuring the hearth opening before buying the screen.

Place a Pile of Wood

A pile of wood beside the fireplace can generate a cozy and warm feeling. Even if you have an electric or gas fireplace, consider placing a pile of chopped wood beside it. Either place metal pot filled with lumber or string pine cones on either side of the fireplace.

Piles of wood beside fireplace.

Piles of wood beside fireplace.

Image via: Homedit

There is nothing like a fireplace to add a charming feel to your home. Makeover and accessorizing the mantel and fireplace can change the air of your house in an instant.

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