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Forgotten Attic Dreams Face to Face with Storage Opportunities

Entry #2021, January 18, 2012

The secret to more storage is in the way you define storage space – cold, forgotten spaces sprinkled with dust or organized, clever and creative places for each thing you own. Appreciating what you have is key to a happy life, as your attic is key to your storing needs.

Depending on passions, everyone has things associated with that hobby to store, so why not make it a dedicated space with additional storing solutions integrated in the attic’s new design? Try thinking about the attic as your new attic closet, workout space or lounge area – that will put a spin on things.

Attic storing solutions (2)

Storage space or a new room? Both!

Attics are always present in our dreams as additional spaces where storage meets style and function in a complementary design. By integrating the attic storage space into a larger concept of your favorite room, the brick-a-bracks stay elegantly hidden and you get to use your attic as a new room. Imagine all the possibilities!

Attic media rooms perfect for enjoying a movie with friends, dreamy attic bedrooms with windows to the stars, an attic playroom for your children or even a multifunctional space for one of the more independent family members – that is what an unused attic can become!

Attic storing solutions (3)

Behind carefully integrated doors, storing spaces can become home to all kinds of things – from sports equipment, coats and shoes to children’s pushchairs and bikes, all can find a corner especially designed for them. Clever and inexpensive storage built under attic sloping roofs can help you reduce the clutter and leave room for an open space to use at your discretion.

Sloping roofs defining the bookcase

A tall attic allows you to build a mezzanine and vertically distribute storing spaces. Whether you disguise the stored items behind cabinet doors or leave them out in the open – as you would do for books – a vertical storage space in the attic proves very helpful and gives the space character.
Attic storing solutions (4)

Make use of the triangular space under the sloping roof by adding cupboards or drawers in the recessed spaces and creating a very personal feel all around. Custom-designing an attic is the best solution if you think about personal storing needs as well as dreams of a dedicated space and combine them into a room that will captivate you every time you enter the remodeled attic.

Inspiration from nature for storage space customization

Imagine a creatively hidden storage space right under the sloping roof – made to look like a huge pile of firewood, this would definitely solve storing problems while looking intriguing and edgy. The Facecord Cabinet by Mark Moskovitz (seen in the photo below) inspired me to think about a custom-built woodpile storage unit running across the attic’s length that would do wonders for both the design and the storing capacities of a modern attic.

Attic storing solutions (5)
Romantic attics don’t have to be spacious – the idea of a corner above your beloved childhood home from where you can enjoy the surroundings can curl up in your head and stay there until the moment is right in front of you – an opportunity to turn your uncomfortably forgotten attic into your rediscovered teenage dreamworld. An intimate atmosphere interrupted by the subtle movement of curtains in the breeze quenches the thirst for stand-still happiness and daydreaming.

Right near the window could be a lounge zone where thoughts are free to run wild through the maze of imagination. Reading a book or immersing into memories of the past through family albums becomes an almost divine experience that you can keep to yourself. Make the most of your attic and it will surprise you with the infinite possibilities pinned down with a customized final design of your choosing.
Attic storing solutions (6)

Photo images: 1,2,3,4,5

Ada Teicu is a dedicated writer sharing finds about architecture, design and creativity. Inspired by the new and exciting things she sees daily, Ada puts pieces side by side to offer the landscape of modern architecture, sometimes entangled with personal experiences on her blog.

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  1. Post author

    Imagine a long firewood storage unit as your main storage space – that would give any room an edge 😉

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