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Giving New Life to Your Boring Dining Room Sideboard

Entry #2025, January 19, 2012


Tired of having just the usual looking furniture at home? Your dining room has a nice dining table and chairs but what about a sideboard? If you are tired of your current sideboard, how about some quick decorative ways to give it a lift?  The makeover will not only rejuvenate how it looks but is it’s a perfect way to give your dining room a new inspiration this season.

So, why not start with your sideboard? The sideboard is a popular decorative item that you can store something. It comes in different attractive designs that can attract enhance your interiors.

sideboard ebony wood

Sideboard in gorgeous ebony wood

Image: Usona Home

If you want to bring out the best and rejuvenate your boring sideboard, here are some helpful tips:

Decorate with fresh greenery

This will make a decent makeover on the spot. You can get plants and foliage in your garden and have them arrange in your vase. Feel free to mix and match your seasonal flowers with your interior theme. The greenery will provide additional colors to your sideboard.

sideboard wood greenery

Sideboard with natural decor

Image via: Patrik Argast

Let there be light

Placing decorative lamps in your sideboard will make a difference. The lights produce by the lamps will highlight the sideboard and let it shine. This will enhance the looks of the sideboard and prevent it from looking dull and dry especially in the evening. Furthermore, the lamps are a beautiful addition on top of the sideboard.

Hang a gorgeous mirror

Mirrors are great decorative items with essential function. It can serve its purpose while enhancing the overall appearance of the sideboard beneath. This idea is a true beauty. The mirror on top of a well-designed sideboard is a perfect combination.

sideboard eclectic

Hang a mirror above your sideboard

Image via: Joel Kelly Design

Typically a sideboard has an available space underneath its top base. This space can be a good spot for a lovely chair. When you’re done with your sideboard makeover, you’ll find out how this furniture can make your interior look picturesque. From traditional to ultramodern your sideboard can take on an entirely new personality!

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