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5 Garden Shed Transformation Ideas

 Guest Blogger #849, Entry #2034, January 22, 2012

If you are someone who is fortunate enough to have a garden shed in your backyard, congratulations! Sure, to you, it might initially seem like nothing more than a small place to put your gardening tools, but with a bit of creativity and a few dollars (plus a bit of patience and perhaps a hired contractor in some cases), it can be a lot more to you and your family than just where the lawn mower goes. Don’t believe us?

garden shed renovation

Garden shed renovation idea – peaceful retreat

Image via: BMF-Builders

Just check out these awesome uses for a garden shed:

Guest room.

If you are someone who has visitors come on a fairly regular basis, but you find yourself putting them on an air mattress or the couch, your garden shed could serve as a nice alternative. Now, if you have no electricity in there, to a certain extent, it could end up being a bit of a project but websites like HGTV and Network can easily walk you through what’s required (along with providing recommendations on where to go if it’s more than you can do alone).

Home office.

Do you work from home but sometimes due to all of the “family traffic”, you find that it can be hard to concentrate? While you could certainly sound proof a room in your home, don’t overlook the garden shed out back. If you clean it out, add a coat of paint and install some nice lighting, it could be the perfect “office away from home” solution.


People with “green thumbs” not only enjoy planting and pruning, but they usually want to do it in a space that’s quiet so that they concentrate without any distractions. In coming to a decision about if the garden shed is an ideal spot for your flowers and plants, just remember to keep in mind that the main thing that plants need (as it relates to a green room) are humidity, protection from extreme weather and plenty of sunlight. If that is the kind of environment that your garden shed can provide, then you’ve just found yourself your own little greenroom.

garden shed renovation idea

garden shed renovation idea

Image via:  Fairfield House and Garden

Kid’s playhouse.

What parent hasn’t found themselves wishing that their children had a place where they could be (basically) as loud as they want without being too far away from the house? If you live in a safe neighborhood with a fenced-in yard, that is a great atmosphere for converting a garden shed into a child’s playhouse. To make it even more fun, you can tell your child that it’s like having one of their own portable buildings where they can even help to decorate by picking out the paint they would like, bringing some of their toys into the shed and perhaps even making a sign that says “open” and “closed” so that it can serve as their own little hideout.

Bathroom (or outdoor shower).

While we don’t live in The Little House on the Prairie days (which means we don’t need an outhouse), there are still many people who will change their garden shed into either an outdoor (which is basically just an additional bathroom) or outdoor shower spot. For more information on how to do make one, visit YouTube or Do It Yourself and put “how to make an outdoor bathroom” in the search field.

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