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Guest Blogger: Answers to your Questions when Considering a Conservatory

Guest Blogger #845, Entry #2018, January 16, 2012

Conservatories are rooms which many of us think of adding to our properties from time to time. If you are considering doing this then there are sure to be a few questions you would like answered first.

What Would I Do In One?

This is the key question for any change you make to your property and the answer will tell you how much value it will bring to your life. In the case of conservatories or orangeries there are lots of things you can do in one. These are warm, welcoming rooms which are ideal for reading, growing plants, eating, working, listening to music or passing time with your family and friends. In most houses they are used for a mixture of these purposes.

conservatory idea

Is a conservatory right for your home?

Image via: The Couture Rooms

Are Conservatories Expensive?

The traditional image of a conservatory is of a hugely expensive piece of work but this isn’t the case at all. Obviously the actual price you pay will depend upon factors such as the model you choose, the quality of the construction and the size of it. A good idea is to have a look at some models on a big name site such as the Anglian Home one. You can then make an informed decision on the matter.

Is Fitting a Conservatory a Huge Job?

The actual task of fitting the conservatory might seem daunting but if you choose qualified fitters then the process will be a lot quicker and less painful then you might fear. Make sure you find out the step by step process to be followed before you start.

Will It Look Out of Place?

One big concern for many homeowners is over whether or not they will be able to find a conservatory which fits in which the style of their property. You may have seen other houses which have these structures but where they don’t fit in very well. However, with the range of styles and the bespoke services around these days there is no need to settle for this. Be sure to think of how it fits in with the interior of the house as well and use the likes of bi-fold doors to help use up less internal space.

conservatory idea evening

Beautify your home with a conservatory

Image via: Bmf-Builders

Can I Use It in Winter Too?

A conservatory is a lovely, warm place in summer but what will yours be like in winter? This will depend largely upon the amount of sunlight it receives at this time of year and the use of double glazed windows. You don’t have to worry about it since there are double glazing specialists who can advise you about the suitability of double glazed windows and doors at your house.  You might need to think about adding in some additional heating but many people can enjoy their conservatories all year round without having to add any heat to them in the colder months. In any case before you decide to install a conservatory have a chat with Anglian.

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