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Guest Blogger: Choosing the Right Green Kitchen Appliances

Guest Blogger #839, Entry #2000, January 10, 2012

In this modern day of everyone wanting to save money, energy and the Earth’s resources – choosing to ‘live green’ can be a challenge. When choosing kitchen appliances the ability to choose the right ones for your budget, lifestyle and energy conservation qualities can leave you feeling lost. If you are in the market for buying appliances, take a look at these tips to guide you. While, every household is different, these tips will guide you in make an informed decision about which green appliances are right for your home and family.

kitchen refrigerator

Choosing a kitchen refrigerator

Image via: JK and Sons

Determine your budget:

Before you even set foot into a home appliance store, determine what your budget is before you get excited about the ‘whistles and bells’ of amenities on new appliances. Similar to car buying, there is a model to match every price point, and you need to know yours before you get started. Remember, green kitchen appliances are ones that use less water, less energy, run on cleaner methods than your traditional appliances will naturally be more expensive. Weigh the life cycle costs over time to determine if the higher price point is worth it.

Choosing the right refrigerator/freezer:

 Saving energy, longer food preservation, colder compartments, and maximum indoor space without sacrificing outside space in your kitchen are the top considerations when choosing a fridge freezer. Also, measure out how much space you have – width, height, and depth in your kitchen, and assure the proper direction of door swing needed. You will want your door swing to not impede on circulation space or opening into an adjacent doorway  – while also remembering ease of going in and out while occupying the kitchen.

kitchen freezer refrigerator

Choose the perfect appliance for your kitchen

Image via: Kitchens Bath Unlimited

Understand your family lifestyle:

When looking for the perfect refrigerator/freezer, determine how often your family uses the appliance. Do you have small children or teenagers that need access too? Are you an avid cook who needs specialized areas for certain foods, or are you a wine connoisseur and need a separate wine cooler other than the main refrigerator? These tips will help you determine if what type of green appliance is perfect for you.  If you are a United States homeowner consider looking at the Energy Star or yellow sticker that accompanies many appliances to see the projected cost of using the appliance per year.

Your kitchen can benefit from the use of a green kitchen refrigerator or freezer. Use these helpful tips before choosing your next appliance and reap the benefits of doing your homework before you get into the store!

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