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Guest Blogger: How To Build A Home Theater On A Budget

 Guest Blogger #856, Entry #2046, January 25, 2012

If you’re tired of paying high ticket prices to see your favorite films in the theater, it’s time to create your own home theater room. Although this project will cost you some time and money, it doesn’t have to destroy your savings. With a sound plan and a few tricks, you can add your own home theater soon.

Select Your Room Carefully

Choosing the right room for your home theater can help you save money while giving you a better cinematic experience. For example, if you use a windowless room, you won’t need to invest in heavy drapes to block out the sunlight to improve your picture quality. If you use a small room, you can buy smaller and less expensive speakers to fill the room with sound.

home media room on a budget

Create a room that you love!

Image via: HMB-architects

Choose a Projector

Although a flat-screen television offers a bright and crisp picture, a quality projector will give you a larger image for your money. Most projector models allow you to resize the image, giving you flexibility that a flat-screen television can’t offer. In addition, a projector will make your theater room truly feel like a professional theater.

Saving Money On Equipment

If you opt for the newest and greatest models for your setup, you’ll run out of money quickly. Instead, take your time to look for deals on projectors, speakers, players and other essentials. You can use the Internet to search for last year’s models to find some excellent savings. Additionally, buying refurbished or factory-second models will save you even more money.

home theater on a budget

Can’t afford a projector, try a large flat screen television instead

Image via: Witt Construction

Furniture and Accessories

After you’ve equipped your home theater, you can accessorize your theater room. You don’t need to invest in expensive leather chairs to provide comfortable seating for you and your family. Shop around your area for affordable chairs that offer style and comfort. With the right arrangement, you can make any seating choice look professional.

Even on a tight budget, you can create a home theater that will enthrall your family for hours. With a little extra time and common sense, you can save money on each part of your deluxe home theater.

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