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How to Choose Long Lasting Lawn Furniture

Guest Blogger #837, Entry #1993, January 8, 2012

Lawn furniture, whether it’s a pair of wooden deck chairs or a complete table and chair set, is an investment and an asset to your home.  Like all furniture, it is susceptible to wear and aging, necessitating the need for lawn furniture repair.

Quality furniture pieces will typically last longer than those not made with higher-grade materials and workmanship.  When shopping for outdoor furniture, don’t look just for “brand” names, rather ask the salesperson about how the furniture was made and how it will wear over time.

garden furniture ideas

What garden furniture is best for your home?

Image via: The Garden Route Company

How to Choose the Perfect Lawn Furniture

Price is a consideration, because in most – but not all – cases, the reason some lawn furniture costs more than other like pieces is because of the materials that were used to construct them.  If you’re the type who believes outdoor furnishings are truly investments, don’t skimp on price.  With quality furniture, you’ll have more years of enjoyment before the need for lawn furniture repair arises.

In time, particularly with sling chairs and lounges, lawn furniture repair will be necessary.  If you enjoy doing repair work, you can perform sling and strap replacement yourself.  Most people, however, prefer to have a professional do the work, which will restore the furniture pieces to nearly their original state.

Beyond slings, which truly take a beating from rain, wind and sun, the paint or varnish on lawn furniture will eventually begin to fade and significantly reduce the aesthetics of a backyard leisure area.  If painting or refinishing is part of your lawn furniture repair project, there are several things to keep in mind.

garden furniture BROWN JORDAN 3

Garden furniture that will stand the test of time

Image via: Brown Jordan

First, if you’re going to do it yourself, talk with a person where you bought the furniture and ask about the most appropriate paint or varnish.  Depending on the style of the furniture pieces, he or she can give you tips for making the job turn out the way you expect it to.

Like with sling repair, a professional furniture refinisher can typically do a better job in this task than most homeowners.  In cases where a large investment has been made for outdoor furniture, it’s usually in the homeowners’ best interests to have the pieces professionally refinished.

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  1. Vivian Becnel

    Those are wonderful lawn furnitures. Choosing the right one for your lawn is very important. You’ve shared great tips and i will bear those in mind. :) Thanks you!

  2. Dana Caffrey

    Beautiful lawn furnitures! I’d like to makeover my lawn too and make it look like this. I can imagine the faces of my friends when they see my new space. Excited!

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