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Guest Blogger: The Best Way to Begin Your Kitchen Renovation

Guest Blogger #836, Entry #1978, January 2, 2012

If you’re contemplating a kitchen renovation, then it’s crucial that you gather as much information as possible from the outset. Armed with all the information you need updating your kitchen can be relatively simple, but if you haven’t done your research there can be pitfalls along the way that you’re not prepared for. It’s so easy to ask around, and even check online that there’s no reason to be unprepared. It’s essential that you plan ahead, otherwise you could end up with a poor quality kitchen, or fitter and that’s a recipe for disaster in either case.

kitchen renovation white

Tips for starting your kitchen renovation

Image via: Renewal Design Build

Find a range you like

First of all you need to decide on a kitchen style, there are many different suppliers to choose from so it’s a good idea to jot down any that you like, or things you would prefer. Once you’ve found a kitchen that at least very nearly fits the bill you can go to your supplier with your list.

Do your research on kitchen appliances

It’s important to find out about the quality of any kitchen before you purchase, it’s a major investment and you need to know the one you’re buying is going to last. Here’s a great way to check out suppliers and fitters from your area, for example like Wren Kitchens, or even general ones like this can help you get a good idea of quality kitchen suppliers like Wren Kitchens.

kitchen renovation interiors

Create a beautiful kitchen with these tips

Image via: Krieger Architects

Find your fitter

Once again it’s important to find out how good your prospective fitter is before you get started. A personal recommendation is best, so ask around. If you know anyone who has been renovating they’re ideal. Similarly if you have any friends who have a trade then they might well know of someone.

Meet with them ahead of time too, that way you can discuss the amount of time the installation is likely to take, as well as cost etc. Ask if they’re familiar with your kitchen supplier too, and don’t forget you don’t have to use an associated fitter just because you’ve purchased a particular brand of kitchen.

The more information you have up front the better, even more so if you get it in writing. Having your kitchen updated is a major job, and can be a serious headache if things go wrong. Protect yourself upfront and do your research and your renovation should go smoothly, you’ll have a stunning new kitchen in no time at all!

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  1. Will

    Thanks for the tips! I am currently re-modeling my kitchen and these were really useful. Just wanted to add that I’ve been using this cabinet/layout measuring guide. It has been so helpful and cuts guess work. Hope someone else finds it as useful as I have!

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