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How to Add Charm to Your Home with Vintage Clocks

Entry #2060, January 31, 2012


If an item is outdated, it doesn’t mean it’s unfashionable. Just like vintage collections that you have at home. You will be amazed how these vintage items command attention to your guests. In the same way that it will enhance the style of your home interior in a distinct way.

There are several vintage items that you can choose from antique shops. One of the best vintage items that you can add to your home is vintage clocks. The beauty of this classic piece of art is overwhelming and very noticeable. This should be a welcome addition to your home interior.

vintage clocks

Display vintage clocks in your interiors

Image via: Get Cottage

If you’re not familiar with decorating vintage clock to enhance the looks of your interior, do these effective ideas:

Display on your furniture

A vintage clock displayed on top of a sideboard, dresser or coffee table is the perfect way to bring nostalgia into your interiors.  is just a picturesque view of your interior. This setting will provide a great view of the vintage clock that complements your sideboard. It is an eye-catching display for your guest who will pass by the sideboard. The vintage clock is undoubtedly a great addition to a bare tabletop or sideboard.

vintage clocks interiors

Display your favorite vintage clocks on furniture

Image via: Tequila Thornbrugh

Combine it with a monotone wall

This refers to a single-colored wall painting. The purpose of this is to highlight the vintage clock you have. You can choose any color but it is best to have it in contrast with the color of your vintage clock. It is also recommended to have the vintage clock hang in the center of the wall area. This will provide a balanced view of the entire wall.

vintage clocks display wall

Vintage clocks display beautifully

Image via: My Deco

Consider restoration

Most vintage clocks are found in the garage or underneath a pile of storage. This makes it prone to being dull and messy. Restoration of vintage clocks is a great option to enhance its look. When you have it restored, make sure to emphasize the importance of preserving its natural or original appearance.

The distinct beauty that vintage clocks give to your interior is priceless. Display in your home interiors and bring a piece of history back to your home.

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