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How to Bring your Personal Color Style to Your Living Room

Entry #1989, January 7, 2012


Your living room is one of the most visited areas of your home. It’s where your family or guests spend a lot of time chatting and conversations together, to where your family enjoys cozy Friday game nights. With this scenario, you definitely have a reason to make sure that your living room is perfect for any occasion. Choosing colors that fir your personal design style can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be.

family room view

Neutral colors are warm and inviting

Image via: Seattle Staged to Sell

Enhancing the looks of your living room requires a color theme that will bring out its beauty. The color of your living room should be able to provide the appropriate ambiance you love.

Your choice of colors will set the tone and mood of the room. With proper choice of color or combination of colors, your living room will surely be impressive and pleasing. Here are great color ideas for your living room:

Choose warm neutral colors

You can choose these shades if you want to have your living room look inviting and attractive. Neutral colors provide warm ambiance. It’s great for people who want it to be pleasing to the eyes. You can choose from shades of browns and tans for this idea.

Glamorous colors

If you want it to be stunning and gorgeous, it has to be a glamorous color theme. It gives an impressive modern look and is popular these days. Some people call this type of color theme as Hollywood colors. For this idea, you can have colors like gold, blue, pink and metallic. You can mix and match these colors to make it more elegant, or consider using bold colors for an eye-catching room.

creative colors living room

Creative colors living room

Image via: EKB Interiors

Bold colors make an impact

Stunning colors are very eye-catching and attractive. These colors provide a youthful and lively look in your living room. You will definitely love the enormous vibrant of these colors that initiate the excitement of the room. The shades of orange, green, purple and yellow are perfect for this type.

bold colors living room

Bold colors living room idea

Image via: Studio 1 Architects

These are just some of the best color ideas that you can implement for your living room. Feel free to explore on some colors and examine carefully its features. After looking at their comparison, decide which one fits your need.

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