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How to Choose Perfect Lighting for Your Kitchen

Entry #2009, January 14, 2012

Your kitchen needs the most light of any room, as it is undoubtedly the most functional place in a house. Unfortunately, people tend to either under-light the place, leaving one standing in shadows, or over-light by using too much wattage. In fact, a kitchen should have proper lighting with plenty of task lights to cover the work areas. So, let’s see how can you brighten up your kitchen with right type of light fixing.

kitchen lighting white

Choose kitchen lighting to match your design style

Image via: Venegas and Company

Mix Different Types of Lighting

A clever combination of different lighting types such as natural, ceiling, and under cabinet lights benefit a kitchen most. Underabinet lights helps brightening the workspaces apart from augmenting the general lighting and recessed lights give general illumination by being uniformly spaced on the ceiling. On the other hand, a chandelier on the ceiling ensures concentrated task lights in the kitchen.

Consider the Color of Lighting

While the size of the kitchen determines the number of fixtures to be needed, the color also plays an important part in this matter. A light color like bright white may let you reduce the number of fixtures or at least, lower the bulbs’ wattage. White-colored walls, ceiling, and countertops can offer a well-illuminated kitchen by expanding the light provided by the bulbs. On the other hand, a dark color will absorb light and you have to use more light fixtures to illuminate the place.

kitchen lighting variety

Consider the color of your kitchen lighting

Image via: Baker Court Interiors

Under Cabinet Lighting

You can choose either xenon or fluorescent lights for undercabinet lighting. Lighting fixtures in this place help shedding even light across the countertop, allowing the cook to see his or her workstation clearly. The height of the fixture should be equal to that of the shelf and the lights’ color should be such to make the foods and everything else appearing pleasing and natural.

A hidden spotlight can be used in the dishwashing area. A theatrical effect will be created especially if the over-the-sink area is made of beautiful tiles.

Ceiling Lighting

Choosing a ceiling light can be a daunting task, as there are hundreds of different styles to fit every kind of décor. Pendant lamps are also a good choice for this purpose. Stylish pendants change the look of a kitchen within a moment. While these lights are usually hung at a certain height, you can also use adjustable cable pendants for adding interest to the space. A chandelier is also a perfect fit for this function, as such lights are no more limited to dining rooms only.

You can use monorail lighting too that are highly stylish but practical. It can be bent around any curved surface to create salient contour patterns. This lighting system can be mounted in any location, even under irregular ceilings.

Pendant lighting

Pendant lighting

Image via: Arcadian Home

Choosing lighting doesn’t have to be difficult. Choose lighting that inspires you while provides sufficient and ample light ton create a kitchen you love to be in.

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