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How to Create More Storage in Your Kitchen Pantry

Entry #1992, January 8, 2012

Your kitchen is basically not a place where you have a lot of decorative items but rather essential utensils. It is basically an area at home where storage is a must. This is to keep all cooking utensils, condiments and ingredients in an area where it is easy to get but out of children’s reach.

Your pantry contributes to your efficiency in doing kitchen chores. When you have everything in place, working in the kitchen will be easier and quicker. However, not every home has the luxury of having a wide storage space to cater everything in the kitchen pantry.

pantry ideas

Find more storage in your pantry

Image via: Susan Gilmore

You can create more storage in your kitchen pantry, here’s how:

Use creative racks

Having creative racks will keep your items intact, safe and in proper order. For instance, it is not enough that you place your wines safe on top of the pantry but placing them in a rack will make it look better. This will make everything look neat and systematic.

Utilize transparent containers

The best way to identify your items in the pantry easily is to place them in a transparent container. You can avoid misplacing excess items or taking a lot of time to find cooking ingredients. Containers can be arranged by placing one on top of the other. This way, you can save a huge amount of space for other items.

pantry find hidden storage

pantry find hidden storage

Image: Transform Home

Use baker’s trays


The baker’s tray can be used to enclose your baking ingredients like flour, corn starch, sugar and everything you need for a cookie or bread. Make sure that everything is categorized properly for quick retrieval of baking essentials when needed.

Creating more storage in your pantry will ultimately provide the comfort you desire in doing kitchen chores. These will definitely make your kitchen experience more enjoyable and help you find more storage in your kitchen. While you may not need a large amount of space, these creative tips can help you improve your kitchen functionality.

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