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How to Decorate With a Sophisticated Black in Your Interiors

Entry #1909, December 3, 2012

Have you considered black in your interiors? Black is getting popular because of the elegance that it brings to a room. It may look dull and dark but it will make a great canvass when match with bright colors. The color black has distinct characteristics that bring out the beauty of the colors that are combined with it.

black interiors couch

How to tastefully bring black into your interiors

Image via: Black Stone Edge

For instance, a black background that is combined with a color gold decorative item will definitely accentuate the details. It will highlight the color that comes across with it. This makes it perfect for home interiors especially if you want elegance and simplicity combined. To provide you with details, here are some ideas on how to decorate with sophisticated black in your interiors:

Pair black with bright colors

This will definitely bring out the best of your black wall. It’s like a perfect background for colors gold, green, blue and other bright colors you have in mind. You can have it in a form of your picture frames, flower vases, lamp shades and other decorative items. The colors can be in solid, patterned or combined depending on your preference.

Get proper lighting

Since color black is basically black, proper lighting will definitely provide the highlights you need. The black wall color can turn out to be stunning if a proper radiance of the lights is present to spot the specific areas. This is crucial for all the decorative objects you are placing in your black canvas.

black purple bedroom interiors

Black combined with accent purple colors in bedroom

Image via: Dayka Robinson Designs – Christina Wedge photograph

Have bold color accents and decorative elements

With color black as your background, bold colors will definitely standout. It makes a beautiful accent that will command attention to your guests or anyone who get to see your interior. Consider using black as an accent wall or highlight black in your textiles, drapery, or decorative elements throughout your display cabinets, bookshelves, and side tables.

These are just some of the effective ideas that you can implement to decorate sophisticated black in your home interior. You can definitely come out with an elegant and attractive home interior after the implementing these ideas. Remember black doesn’t have to be drab, it can be sophisticated, alluring, and all so sexy!

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