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How to Find Hidden Space in Your Small Bedroom

Entry #1990, January 7, 2012


One of the most common challenges in your bedroom is the luxury of space. More often than not, bedrooms are just getting a quarter or less of the total area of our home. It is very limited and just enough for someone to have a nice bed and sleeping essentials including storage cabinet.

Well, there’s nothing you can do with the dimension but you can do something to maximize the space. Having a limited space doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the comfort of owning a bigger bedroom. You just have to make use of all available space skillfully.

small bedroom storage ideas

Use wall storage to increase your capacity of personal items.

Image via: Adeeni Design Group

Here are some effective ways on how to find more space in your small bedroom:

Make use of vertical space

Vertical solution is your best friend in areas with limited spaces. It is something that is often overlooked but then very effective in maximizing your space. In fact, it is the fastest way to accommodate more items for your bedroom. Make use of wall-mounted shelves and design them from your floor to the ceiling. This will definitely cater a lot of things for your bedroom.

Consider stick-on storage

The stick-on storage may be popular for lockers but it can also contribute a lot when you need more space in your bedroom. It is perfect for your personal items such as beauty products, personal hygiene essentials, and other small things that you want to keep safe and secure without occupying a lot of space.

small bedroom shelving

Small bedroom storage ideas

Image via: KIS Interior Design

Use multi-purpose furniture

As always, if you need more space in any area of your home, consider multi-purpose furniture. For your bedroom, you can choose a loft bed design with built-in cabinet or storage. You can also have biblio chaise to provide a comfortable chair and at the same time book shelves.

Having a limited space in your bedroom shouldn’t take the things you love and go outside your room. All you need is appropriate planning and organization, so you can have more things in your bedroom than you ever imagine.

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