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How to Save Money on a Roof Makeover

Entry #2053, January 28, 2012

The part of the house that most of the homeowners neglect and overlook during renovation time is roof. People do not pay attention to roof until it is seriously damaged. So, it is obvious that a roof renovation will need a lot of money.

french chateau roof

Roof ideas for your home

Image via: Fusch Architects

While you cannot avoid the repair job, you can save the renovation cost by adopting some tricks:

Make Regular Inspections

As you know that prevention is better than cure, try to inspect your roof regularly before it starts leaking or creating other problems. Make a thorough check-up of the roof at least once a year. The main reason of most of the roof problems is that people are too lazy to go up to their roofs even once a year. If possible, you should also take some pain to keep it clean and fix little problems as soon as possible. Doing these things regularly will keep your roof in good condition for a long term. Some people think that they can cut costs by delaying minor repairs but it only makes the condition worse and sometimes leads to the complete dilapidation of the roof.

Use High Quality Roof or Materials

It may sound contrastive but spending more on a high quality roof will be beneficial in the long run. You have to pay more for a high quality, new roof but you will recover a part of that expense through lower utility bills. For example, a good quality metal roof will lower the cooling and heating bills.

roof ideas exterior

roof ideas exterior

Image via: Roofing Store

Contact Roofers at Off-Peak Season

The roofers usually pass the busiest time from late summer to the fall. People either fix or install new roofs this time as they take preparation for winter. You have to pay premium charge if you contact roofers this time. However, you can save cost if you employ roofing contractors at the less busy time like early summer, spring, or during the winter. The dry and cold winter weather is suitable for roof replacement though the wet, snowy shingles can affect the quality of the finished product. In that case, the roofers need to take some extra precautions for installing the roof.

Buy Roofing Materials at Right Time

The roofing materials’ manufacturers usually set the products’ price once in a year, especially at late spring. Considering the last few years’ gradual increment of prices, you can purchase the necessary materials before the price rises again. You can also look for special deals and coupons. Many roofers offer lower prices or special deals for the slow season. Keep an eye on the local papers for any such opportunity.

Contact roofers during off-peak season.

Contact roofers during off-peak season.

Image via: Brigley

Regular maintenance and making deals at the right time are the keys to cut expense of roof renovation.

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