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How to Style a Beautiful & Simple Bookshelf

Entry #2020, January 17, 2012

Books are part of our lives and our homes. It is where we learn so many things and develop our skills. This is why every home has to have a bookshelf to organize books. It is a piece of furniture that store relevant information and priceless papers. Having a bookshelf in your bedroom or living room is a must.

However, having a bookshelf is one thing but making it organized is another. Organizing your bookshelf provides convenience in acquiring books and adds beauty in its look. It will not appear to be messy and ruin the appearance of your room.

bookshelves color

Organize your bookshelves by color

Image via: Carol Vaughan-Davis

Here are some ideas to help you organize your bookshelf with style:

Choose your books wisely

You have to know and identify the books that you need. You just don’t put anything and everything you wanted. Think of those books that you need more often. You may start with those books that are required in your school or work. Make sure that the commonly used books are within your reach.

Choose books by size

When you arrange your books, always look at their sizes. If possible, group those with the same height. Thickness can be neglected but see to it that thin books will not be covered. This way, your arrangement will look neat and clean. If you are not sure with the durability of your shelf, do not group heavy book together in one area.

bookshelves styling

bookshelves styling

Image via: Redmond Aldrich

Pick books with nice colors

Don’t fail to spot books that have great colors. You can use these books to brighten us the bookshelf. Feel free to mix and match the colors until you have great color combination. You can either have the bold colors at the center and the pale ones at the corners. This will give style to your bookshelf.

Always remember to perform a regular cleanup in your bookshelf. You can move the books from one place to another to avoid dust accumulation and other problems that may cause damage to your books. Your bookshelf will never be so attractive after implementing these ideas.

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