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-Ronique Gibson, Assoc. AIA, LEED AP

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January #Oliohop – Staging a Home for Sale: Before & After

Entry #2029, January 21, 2012


Back in June of 2009 when I first started Stagetecture my main goal was to make my home staging business into a resource that would help busy homeowners stage their homes with my inspiration or hire me to take the work off of their shoulders! Home staging has been a love of mind while being an Associate Architect, and hence my company name was born – STAGE – TECTURE :)


oliolboard banner fb

Oliohop – January 2013

So I was ecstatic when I was asked by Olioboard to join their January #Oliohop along with 9 other bloggers to showcase our ideas for January’s theme:


Staging a Home for Sale : Before & After

Throughout the months I have showed you how Olioboard has helped you ‘Get the Look‘ on Stagetecture, and our newest feature ‘Olioboard Inspiration‘ showcases home inspiration ideas for you home, using this incredible 2D or 3D tool.

If you are new to Olioboard their tagline: “Design a Room and try it before you buy it! Create 2D & 3D rooms that you can save, shop & share.” You can create inspiration boards to help you visualize your interiors, present ideas to your contractor/client or just enjoy perusing through thousands of sets for your enjoyment. I encourage you to join the Olioboard community on Facebook, Twitter, and see helpful tutorials on their You Tube Channel. I used those tutorials and they helped me with my home staging boards I have created below.


Home Staging – The Man Cave

In my year’s of home staging, the most difficult rooms to sell to a potential home buyer are the rooms that a homeowner has personalized ‘too much’. Sure, it’s fine to showcase your favorite colors, hobbies, and interests in your home. Although, the moment you decide to put your home up for sale – it now becomes the potential for a home buyer to envision themselves living in your home.

Stagetecture has a HUGE man cave following :) So I found it only fitting to feature a before and after man cave for home staging. To show how a overly personalized room can be changed into a family friendly room that could be appealing to potential home buyers, but still has masculine touches to keep the homeowner feeling like they have a place to still relax and enjoy, until their home sells!


BEFORE: Man Cave Mania

Mancave Before_Oliohop Stagetecture 1.21.13_smaller

Home Staging challenges:

  • Man cave is too personalized. Sports paraphernalia overload and darker colors create a “cave-like” feeling indeed! Home buyers who are not sports fans and are not wanting this overly personalized space will be instantly turned away.
  • Overly cluttered with furniture, dark colors creates an unwelcoming room. Dark burgundy wall covering makes the entire space feel like you’re in a movie theater rather than a person’s home.
  • Mixture of eclectic styles, and too many displayed collections are a sure fire way to turn a home buyer off! :(


AFTER: Welcoming Media Room

Mancave After_Oliohop Stagetecture 1.21.13_smaller

Home Staging fixes:

  • Instead of removing all signs of personalization, the man cave has been turned into a media room. A sports/masculine theme is hinted at but the room is now inviting for a family to enjoy, or even non-sports enthusiasts!
  • Burgundy wall covering is removed and a neutral palette of colors is used throughout the room.
  • Sports collections, and “bar-inspired” decor is replaced with sophisticated decor that still welcomes entertaining & relaxing.
  • Display areas are kept contained in bookshelves in specific areas and not placed randomly around the room. Less clutter and more organized!

I loved this home staging challenge because as home owners we love personalizing, but especially in those rooms that are dedicated to one hobby like a man-cave, these spaces can be the reason a home buyer doesn’t like your home. This before and after shows you that you can transform any room into an enjoyable space for any potential home buyer!

Now…Hop over to the other 9 blogs to see their home staging before & after Olioboards:

Visit their blogs and comment on which one’s you’d love to have come stage your home!

Thanks Olioboard for this awesome feature for Stagetecture readers.


For more home staging ideas on Stagetecture, click here.

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  1. gLaM-a-PeeL Wall Decal Headboards

    What a FABULOUS idea to tame the MAN CAVE! You perfectly illustrated in your roomboards how all the beloved personal “stuff” translates to clutter in a prospective home buyer’s mind. The AFTER roomboard shows a harmonious and comfortable REAL living space – the person selling the home could sign off immediately on the benefits of home staging after seeing how much better it would look.

  2. Post author

    Thanks Glam – a- Peel for those great comments. I think the man cave is one of those rooms that no one wants to touch, but knows they will need to when they sell their home. This challenge was fun and can’t wait to see the other 9 blogger’s boards. :)

  3. Donna Frasca

    I must say Ronique, these are probably my favorite boards so far and it’s hard because everyone has done such an amazing job! I spent the morning looking at everyone’s boards and really love these. Man Cave anything is always huge and the blue and green in the top board – perfect. You nailed this one :-)

  4. Marilyn Russell

    WOW Ronique, I love, love love your before and after of the ManCave. HA – You decluttered the heck out of it and made it more welcoming. Fantastic post!!! Great to OlioHop with you Ro…xo

  5. Post author

    Hi Donna!

    I so appreciate your kind comments! Who doesn’t love man caves? Especially on Stagetecture I have a huge following! These were a labor of love and so much fun to do today! Thanks again. :)

  6. Post author

    Awww thanks Marilyn – hey you know how people love their sports stuff! :) HA! I loved your boards too Marilyn! Great Oliohopping with you and can’t wait to follow you going to NYC for NYFW with Brizo… Still one of the best memories of my LIFE!!! XXOO

  7. Post author

    Thanks Linda! Yes – less personalization is key for everyone! :) There is nothing worse than walking into a home that turns you off immediately. He he

  8. Post author

    Thank you Rosyln for your comments. So many homeowners don’t realize that clutter can often be their biggest battle in getting their home ready for selling :)

  9. Leslie Carothers

    Dear Ronique ~

    As the representative of Olioboard, we want to say thank you for lending your time and your creative talents to this hop -as well as for your tremendous ongoing support for other members of the Olioboard community through your new INSPIRATION feature on your blog. We all appreciate it!

    As myself, Leslie, I want to say that I loved how you demonstrated the value of staging.

    This Olioboard before and after is a brilliant example of showing the value of staging vs. interior design. Even if, after moving into a home, a mancave is created that looks like your *before* -that’s the homeowner’s decision and they can use a designer to get their dream mancave look and feel.

    However, once they need to sell the home, neutralizing the space by staging it is so important to help it sell.

    I think you’ve done a huge service to a wide range of your readers. The mancave space is often so unsightly to female potential buyers that they can’t see past the *feeling* they get from looking at it.

    By working with a stager/redesigner/pro designer and or architect {such as yourself }, homes can quickly sell for more money and/or faster -even in difficult real estate markets.

    Thanks again Ronique for bringing your staging talents and fantastic insights to the OlioHop.

    Have a great day!

    Leslie / @tkpleslie

  10. Post author

    Thanks Leslie for your insightful comments and it was a pleasure to work with Olioboard and I look forward to sharing with Stagetecture readers continued ways for them to be inspired with Olioboard’s capabilities. :)

    As for my boards – I wanted to represent a room that many home owners feel is a “no-win” room. Meaning – they think once it has been personalized too much they have no way to neutralize it for buyer appeal. This Oliohop was a challenge, but so much fun and once again appreciate the chance to educate homeowners on home staging along with 9 other inspiring bloggers!

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