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Make a New Year’s Resolution for Your Home: A Renovation!

Entry #1910, December 4, 2012

Have you ever thought of making a New Year resolution for you home? A home renovation could be perfect in the winter as construction prices are lower and less demand for building is generally being performed.

People make so many New Year plans for themselves but only a few pays attention to their living places. Bringing some little changes can increase your home’s appeal apart from making it more livable.

kitchen renovation wood floors

kitchen renovation wood floors

Image via:  Kate Marker Interiors

Make It Decluttered & Cozy

It is obvious that you are going to spend a lot of time inside between now and spring. So, for the winter months, make your place super comfy by decluttering and re-organizing the furniture items and other things. It will also let you to start the New Year with a clean slate.

You can buy new books for your bookshelves. Books have a charming way to create a cozy environment. Moreover, they will gift you some relishing moments besides the fireplace or the window.

Get rid of the furniture and other decorative items that you do not need. The basic and simple way to make a place comfortable is to declutter it. You can do that by dumping unnecessary things, making a clever use of the available spaces, and creating new storage space. Use walls, ceilings, and storage furniture to keep things in an organized way.

A decluttered, organized, and tidy room.

A decluttered, organized, and tidy room.

Image via: Homedit

Fill the Place with Your Favorite Things

Everybody has some favorite things like a bunch of friendship bands, replicas of different things and structures, a collection of coffee mugs, etc. Whatever they are, keep them in a place that can be easily noticed. It will bring a smile on your face whenever you see them. If any specific color attracts you, do not forget to bring it inside your home. Incorporate the color into your décor simply by painting your old chairs or your little coffee table.

Refurbish the Kitchen

Kitchen is an important place that should be taken special care of. If the kitchen looks tired and old, try to bring some life in it. Change the color, add new furniture, repair the window, and fix the lighting system. You can also add a music system too if you want. Music has a magical power and it can make household chores feel like fun. So, surround yourself with your favorite music and play it often.

Renovation of kitchen.

Renovation of kitchen.

Image via: Premier Painters

Do the Necessary Fixing

Minor repairs like fixing windows and fireplace, removing creaking of doors, and repair leakage of water lines should be done in time. You can also cover the doors and windows with glass, blinds, curtains, drapery, etc. Cellular blinds will be a good option if you want to control the room temperature.

A healthy home is essential for a healthy life. To make your home healthier and more comfortable, apply these aforementioned tips. They will keep your home shipshape for this year.

For more home renovation ideas on Stagetecture, click here.

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