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-Ronique Gibson, Assoc. AIA, LEED AP

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New Feature: “Olioboard Inspiration” – TODAY: Storage for a Diva!

 Entry #2022, January 18, 2012

I have been telling you for the last few months that I love tools that help you get inspired, and also help you visualize your home ideas before you buy them. Olioboard has been a great online resource and I’ve been working with them as well as many of the community members of the Olioboard Fan Room to bring my Stagetecture readers and their members more exposure and you more ideas for fabulous home design.

olioboard enlarged

Olioboard inspiration

Two exciting events are occurring on Stagetecture that I’m thrilled to tell you about!

1.) #Oliohop coming soon!

On Monday, January 21, 2013 – I am one of 10 blogger’s that will be participating in Oliobaord’s – #Oliohop. See the details in the post here. Come back on Monday to see mine and the other 9 blogger’s link to their home staging – before and after’s.

2.) Olioboard Inspiration – new feature!

Today, I’m starting a new feature called “Olioboard Inspiration”. Which is a wonderful way to showcase many of the Facebook Group – Olioboard Fan Room members. Today we start off with an organization Olioboard perfect for January! Read on to learn about this exciting new feature on Stagetecture and see how you can join the group or just seek beautiful inspiration:

oloioboard fan room

What is the Olioboard Fan Room?

The Olioboard Fan Room is a group of diverse individuals who share a common interest for Interior Design. We are the Fan Page of the Official Olioboard Site which is an online moodboard creator where users can create 2D and 3D Interior Rooms. We share designs, discuss ideas, and compete in our own unique fun challenges. This group is open to anyone who loves Interior Design and is looking for a creative outlet to express their inner decorator.

How can I be Featured on Stagetecture’s “Olioboard Inspiration” & Join the Olioboard Fan Room?

  •  Each week – The Olioboard Fan Room administrators will select a member weekly to showcase their talents on Stagetecture..
  •  Stagetecture & Olioboard Fan Room will select a theme for the week.
  •  Each person selected is asked to share their Stagetecture link with their social community, tag their post on Facebook , tag on Twitter, personal blogs,  and encourage commenting on their posts, etc…
  • Each member will write a 350 word min. post about the theme, what Olioboard elements they used, etc.. and submit to the administrators of the Olioboard Fan Room.
  • All correspondence and choosing of the submissions will be handled through the Olioboard Fan Room in which Alison Hayes is a part of. It was only fitting that she feature her submission first:

Olioboard Inspiration #1

‘Storage for a Diva’ – Alison Hayes

Olioboard - glamour Alison Hayes

I love Hollywood Glam so I am always looking for interesting storage solutions that are fun, sexy, and unexpected for my home. If you lack the additional closet space but have an available wall, recreate this glamour look with these simple organizational items displayed on this virtual design board.

Empty Wall Space –

Need more closet room? Utilize a wall in your bedroom with simple storage units from IKEA Add wall ornaments such as corbels beneath the cabinets and place each unit at different heights to invoke architectural interest.

Visual Impact –

Make a plain wardrobe exciting and fun with a wall mural. Websites like Murals Your Ways  can create any image in any size of your choice. It is a simple “peel and stick” method and creates a “WOW” factor in your room.

Olioboard - Allison Hayes

Unique Shelving –

Show off your favorite pairs of shoes with elegance. I found these gorgeous wall mounted shoe racks on a website that sells dress maker forms. The scrollwork is beautiful, artistic, unexpected, and makes a beautiful display statement.

Dual Purpose –

The red siren ottoman does double duty with storage and provides additional seating. Dress up your ottoman by adding some fun pillows.

Sexy Accents –

I choose red and black accents for its glamorous sex appeal. The high gloss red mirror has a modern twist of baroque and energizes the space with charm. It is placed above a sleek transitional black console table that not only provides adequate drawer space but has timeless appeal. Finish your organized wall with exciting light fixtures and accents, such as featured lamps, a star shaped chandelier and pretty storage boxes.

Alison Hayes has a Master of Arts Degree in Interior Design and works as a Commercial Interior Designer for the Healthcare Sector. She often uses Olioboard as an outlet for her creative energies and has won numerous virtual board design contest which have been featured all over the world. 

For more Olioboard ideas on Stagetecture, click here.

For more information: How to be featured on Stagetecture’s Olioboard Inspiration‘ click here.

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  1. Post author

    Thank you Frances for your great comment! I agree there is nothing better than multifunctional organization that looks just as good as it performs. :) Alison did a great job! Can’t wait to see future ‘Olioboard Inspiration’ features.

  2. Post author

    I think the group is only on Facebook. I can give you the administrators email if you’d like. Please fill out the contact form on Stagetecture and I can put you in contact.

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