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Transforming your Cluttered Basement into a Dream Room

Entry #2041, January 24, 2013

After seeing how you can transform your attic into an additional room with more storage space, it’s time for the underutilized basement to get attention. There are so many potential uses for a basement, that only your desire, needs and budget can help you choose the best solutions for your basement’s transformation.

Begin by imagining yourself in your new basement – what would it look like?

home office in the basement

The bridge between a cluttered old basement and a brand new room must be built, but once you deal with usual problems like humidity or noise and other problems that you might encounter on a close inspection of the premises, you should listen to expert advice that can help you decide what modifications are necessary to transform the rarely used basement into an extra space for your favorite activity. A long and narrow basement would make a fantastic place to install a bowling lane – why not enjoy your favorite game in the privacy of you own home?

bowling lane in the basement

Modern basements can become an extension of your home that houses any type of service you might think of – from children’s playrooms to wine cellars, workshops or gyms – we can all be attracted to a certain kind of recreational necessity. But why stop there? Imagine turning the basement into a dance studio, a media room, a recording studio or go even further with personal choices and imagine it as an emergency shelter or a hydroponic garden – the possibilities are endless.

basement games room

There is even the possibility to make money with your basement. It requires an investment, but a basement can become a rental apartment that can bring in some extra cash. This idea brings additional costs and work – like building walls to separate the bathroom, kitchen (or kitchenette) and actual room/s – but the results will be satisfying. Maybe you should even consider adding a separate entrance so that you and your tenant have the required privacy.

Reclaiming a cluttered basement as your hard-earned recreational room can seem at first a project too large to take on. But even this challenge will add precious relaxation moments once the former basement acquires a new and upgraded status.

basement rec room

Move out then move in

Unravel the basement’s hidden potential by opening the windows to let the air inside and storing all those forgotten boxes in dedicated storage spaces, like the attic. Clean, organize and remove any unnecessary stuff, repair what needs to be repaired and then take a look around to see how much space there actually is. Can you imagine how you would like to use this additional square footage? If you can’t think of anything after this, then at least you have a clean, organized basement that awaits your inspiration.
basement family room

Ada Teicu is a dedicated writer sharing finds about architecture, design and creativity. Inspired by the new and exciting things she sees daily, Ada puts pieces side by side to offer the landscape of modern architecture, sometimes entangled with personal experiences on her blog.
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