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Bring Travel Destinations into your Interiors

Entry #2139, February 24, 2013

Don’t you enjoy sometimes stepping out of your daily routine to try something new, just for the experience of it?  Like, instead of taking your car you decide to walk to get the fresh air or maybe even going to your favorite restaurant and ordering something that is not the usual. Traveling is similar to that.  It causes the person to step out of their norm and experience a way of life that they are unfamiliar with. Have you ever thought about how travel destinations can influence your interiors?

When traveling to another place you get to view and enjoy life from a different perspective. Try using this approach when wanting to spice up your interiors. Research and explore the interiors of your favorite ideal locations around the world, allow them to influence and inspire new ideas for designing your own interiors. Come along with me while we examine several other countries and how they can enlighten your spaces!

First Stop…


Morocco-Moroccan Interiors

Morocco-Moroccan Interiors

Image via: Home Decorista

Morocco is a country that is located in Northern Africa.  It is known for incorporating Berber, Jewish and Arabic cultural heritage while combining the influences of the French, Spanish, and Anglo-Americans.  So in essence Morocco is somewhat of a melting pot of many cultures and traditions.  This country is a vibrant blend of originality, with twists of boldness rooted from the foundation of the country alone. Check out the image above, we can notice that mixtures of patterns, shapes, bold colors, and accent pieces are all derivatives from the variety of ancestry. We can learn from here to not be afraid to use bold/vibrant colors, patterns, designs and history (heritage) while designing our own spaces, remember to personalize your space to your desires. Let’s Keep Traveling to…


Italy- Claassical Italian Interiors

Italy- Classical Italian Interiors

Image via: Home Designing

The country that sticks out like a boot in Europe would be known as Italy.  Where the Italian Renaissance was created, brilliant artists’ excelled, extraordinary philosophers and masterful chefs have descended.  The image above has the neutral color palette incorporated within the space yet look at the detailing design, how exaggerated and pristine the furniture and accent pieces are.  Here we learn balance, simplicity vs. embellishment.  It is fine if you prefer to keep it simple on the outside and focus on accentuating the inner parts (furniture and accessories) causing them to be the focal points. Again, whatever you would like to express. Now Onward, to…


Brazil- Brazilian Interiors

Brazil- Brazilian Interiors

Image via: 4 Life Home

Brazil is an exotic country that is located in the heart of South America.  Brazil has the largest bio diversified Amazonian Rainforest in the world.  It is known to have the richest wildlife that contributes to the natural habitats located in Brazil.  And the image above displays those natural characteristics that it is known for.  Look at the color palette here, earth tones.  Plenty of rich dark browns as if resembling the bark of the trees and adding in splashes of greens, reds, blues, and yellows reflecting the nature (flowers and animals) within the area.  Also I see symmetry.  Here we learn that nature can be one of the greatest places to get color palettes, balance, and serenity.  Now the Last Stop is…


Singapore Interiors

Singapore Interiors

Image via: LivingPod

Singapore is a small country located at the bottom of Malaysia.  It has more of a conservative society although liberalization is beginning to form.  There is no one specific culture for Singapore because it is made up many cultures which adds to the diversified atmosphere that it has.  The image above displays a lot of linear lines and neutral colors yet with an anomaly accent piece as the focal point within the area.  It has a very modern and natural display.  Here, we learn less can be more and one major focal point can be the daring object you may need or want to express within the space which is fine.  All that truly matters is that you find what can help you to create your ideal comfort space.

Now these were just a few places but they were fun to see and learn from, right?  What’s your favorite vacation location? Find out and study it like we did here.  See how you can modify and change your interior environment to reflect that area that you most delight in. Try it out and see if it works for you!

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