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Designing the Ideal Guy & Gal Shared Bedroom

Entry #2078, February 7, 2012


There’s no such thing as perfect but at least you can have the ideal. Unisex bedrooms are becoming more popular with couples, and even with children or teens that have to share a bedroom. Whether you are looking for your master bedroom, a guest bedroom or a shared bedroom, look at these helpful tips to create a unisex bedroom that is loved by all.

plaid bedroom for men women

Unisex bedroom ideas for your master bedroom.

Image via: Slifer Designs

Whether you are choosing for a guy or gal, there’s always a challenge of choosing the ideal bedroom. This is not only for comfort but also the personality that comes with it. The good thing is that you have a lot of designs to choose from.

Here are some useful ideas on how to choose the ideal guy & gal bedroom:

Plaid made simple

Having plaid design is more of a gal thing than the a guy. This type of design is so attractive and will make the room livelier. The combination of boxes and colors provide a distinctive pattern that only plaid can offer. If you want it to somehow suit a guy’s preference, choose a dark colors like blue, green, brown and gray.

Artwork for display can help

Artworks can be attractive for both guys and gals. The only thing that matters is the preference or individuality. For instance, guys are more inclined to arts related to sports, history and technology. Gals, on the other hand, are more of nature, passion and fashion. However, there are arts that are neutral like an abstract artwork.

plaid bedroom unisex

Guys and gals can share a bedroom!

Image via: Jamie Sentz Photography

Mix and match pattern and solids

The idea of mix and match is simple. You have to see to it that everything in the room complements each other. If you have a stylish and bright headboard, choose a dark wall painting or background. This will give highlights to your items in the bedroom. Decorative items like clocks, frames and other materials should not be of the same color palettes of their background.

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