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DIY Sat. #135 – ‘Get the Look’ Valentine’s Bathroom & Bath Bombs (Video)

Entry #2066, February 2, 2012

Happy DIY Saturday! In two weeks it will be Valentine’s Day and we often only think about physical gifts to give to our sweethearts. Although, another wonderful idea is to surprise your sweetheart with a bathroom that is romantic and today’s DIY Saturday is all about transforming your bathroom.

Romantic Bathroom With Candle

What type of Valentine’s Bathroom would you like?

Image via: Pinterest

See how to make bath bombs to give your sweetheart, or give as wonderful gifts! Bath bombs are used in your bathtub and create an aromatic and luxurious bathing experience to your bath. Then Sam Holloway joins us again with Olioboard inspiration in a ‘Get the Look’ feature and shows us how to change your plain white bathroom into a romantic getaway!

bath bomb DIY Valentines Day

Bath bomb’s drop into your bathtub for a relaxing and aromatic experience!

How to Make Bath Bombs for a Relaxing Bath

Link to You Tube video –> How to Make Bath Bombs

How to Transform a Plain White Bathroom into a Romantic Treat

‘Get the Look’ – Olioboard Inspiration from Sam Holloway – See her other feature here.

valentines bathroom before

Plain white bathroom before

valentines bathroom after

Valentine’s Bathroom after

  • To set up the most romantic evening possible, you’ll need to make sure that your bathroom is completely clean.
  • Choose a time when you know you will be uninterrupted. Ensure your children will be away so that you and your partner are able to relax without fear of being interrupted.
  • Rose petals sprinkled on top of the water add a romantic and fragrant effect to your bath. You can also blend a few cups of rose petals with half a blender of warm water to make a puree. Swirl it into the hot bath water or massage it on each other during the bath.
  • Adding a bubble bath to the water while the tub is filling up, it adds a mood of both frivolity and romance. Look for more adult scents, such as vanilla, rather than using the same fruity-scented bubbles you would put in a child’s bath. Or opt for bath salts that add both colour and fragrance to the bath whilst softening the skin
  • Purchase a couple of large sponges to use while you are soaking in the tub. The more absorbent the sponges, the better, as it allows you to squeeze the warm water over each other
  • Set the scene by lighting candles around the bathroom and around the edge of the tub if the rim is wide enough that you won’t knock them over. You can purchase scented candles but try not to add to many strongly scented items to such a small space. Make sure that candles are not placed under towels or tissue products that could catch on fire, or in places where they are likely to be tipped over.
  • Create a play list or CD of your favourite songs beforehand to ensure you have a constant stream of your favourite romantic music playing during your bath, yet ensuring that the stereo is kept safely  away from the water
  • A new red bathmat and a couple of red fluffy towels ready  on the towel warmer add that soft extra loving touch
  • A romantic message written on the bathroom mirror
  • Post It notes of romantic poems, quotes and love messages can be dotted around the room to add that personal touch
  • Why not peg up some photos of the special times you have shared together along a piece of ribbon.
  • Make your own valentine bunting or garland from odd bits of fabric you may have laying around or from coloured card.
  • Prepare a tray holding 2 glasses of champagne or sparkling fruit juice, with strawberries, grapes and maybe a box of chocolates to share with your partner whilst soaking in the bath. Set the tray on a small table near the tub so it is easy for you both to access.
  • Lastly remember that this is your alone time, which can seldom happen in a home full of children, so relax and enjoy each other’s company like you are the only two people in the world.

For more DIY ideas on Stagetecture, & Stagetecture’s YouTube Channel, click here.




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  1. Sam Holloway

    This is fabulous, thank you for the feature and I can’t wait to try out some of those bath bombs but will be keeping them as my own little bit of luxury, they look to good to share :-)

  2. Post author

    Thank you Sam for your feature.. anything you can do to relax.. I think those bath bombs will make great gifts, and I hear you about saving for yourself! He he.. :)

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