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DIY Sat. #138 – Creative DIY Easter Wreath Ideas (Video)

Entry #2136, February 23, 2013

Happy DIY Saturday! We are quickly coming up on March and that means Easter will be here before you know it! Decorating your home at Easter can be a great way to welcome spring and perk up your home with spring colors.

easter wreath ideas

Bring Easter to your home with creative wreath ideas

Image via: VT Interiors

Today, see creative Easter wreath ideas for your front door or any other welcoming spot in your spring home. Watch a video on how to take simple wreaths and embellish them with decorative elements for a customized wreath that is welcoming throughout the month of March.

You Tube Video – Easter Wreath Ideas

Link to Video –> Easter Wreath Ideas

Easter Wreath Ideas

Looking for ideas for your Easter Day décor? Well here is one… an Easter Wreath.  At Christmas time before ever entering into someone’s home there is a lovely wreath hanging on the door to greet and invite you to celebrate the Christmas season.  The wreath is such a fascinating decorative accessory that inspires you to appreciate the holidays.  So here are some ideas to creating your own Easter Wreaths, feel free to mix and match to satisfy your desired tastes.

Cupcake Holder Easter Wreath

Easter Wreath Ideas

Easter Wreath Ideas

Image via: Good Ideas and Tips

Cupcake holders as decoration for an Easter Wreath, who would have thought? The cupcake paper adds color and a texture to the wreath, while offering a softer feel to the environment. Get creative with what design of the cupcake paper you wish to use and make it your own.

Patterned Easter Eggs with Candy Wreath

Easter Wreath Ideas

Easter Wreath Ideas

Image via: Amazon


The classic patterned Easter egg with candy wreath.  Look at all of the vibrant colors being displayed on this wreath.  Not only does it look festive and fun but the green grass that is being used as the background creates the illusion that the eggs and candy grew from within it. This would be a nice addition to any door it occupies.

Peeps Easter Wreath

Easter Wreath Ideas

Easter Wreath Ideas

Image via: Good Ideas and Tips

Peeps, the traditional holiday candy for Easter.  These little cute sweeties are great for designing your own Easter wreath because they bring in soft pastel colors that are inviting and warm.  Plus, it’s candy so you usually can’t go wrong with that.  Feel free to use the blue bunnies, pink chicks or yellow chicks again it’s up to you how you would like to decorate your wreath.

Framed Easter Egg Wreath

Easter Wreath Ideas

Easter Wreath Ideas

Images via: Good Ideas and Tips

Set your Easter wreath to look picture perfect.  By adding a frame to the outside of the wreath it causes a border that creates order and togetherness for the overall visual effect.  As you can see the color of the frame matches the some of the eggs on the wreath so you can still get that animated lively feel from the wreath that ties in with the theme for the holiday.

Pattern Easter Eggs with Leaves Wreath

Easter Wreath Ideas

Easter Wreath Ideas

Image via: Crafts Info

This wreath would be a great arts and crafts project to make with you kids.  Each one of them could design their own Easter eggs and glue them to the paper leaf cut outs in a circular form and viola you have personalized Easter wreath.  Everyone was involved in making it which makes it all the more sentimental and special.

Well, looks like there are so many ideas of how to create your own Easter Wreath.  Hopefully, these ideas will encourage you to create and design your own Easter wreath to celebrate your Easter Home!

For more DIY ideas on Stagetecture, & Stagetecture’s YouTube Channel, click here.






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