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DIY Saturday #136 – How to Apply Fabric to Walls (Video)

Entry #2082, February 9, 2012

Happy DIY Saturday! If you are growing old of the look of your walls then you may want to consider an interior design trend that will add color, texture, and customization to your interiors. Adding fabric to your  walls can serve an acoustic property by absorbing sound, and they can add tactile and visual texture.

Today, we show you a video on applying fabric to your walls and then a step by step guide on how to transform your interiors. You will love the look and choosing the right fabric is only half the fun!

fabric walls ideas

Fabric walls ideas

Image via: Michael Abrams

YouTube Video – How to Apply Fabric to Walls

Link to YouTube video – HGTV How to Apply Fabric to Walls

How to Apply Fabric to Walls

A great way to add variety, color and pattern to your space is by adding fabric or upholstering to your walls.  This is a complete do-it-yourself project that not only saves you time and money but updates your interiors.

Fabric Wall

Fabric Wall

Image via: Apartment Therapy

Materials & Supplies:


Measuring Tape


Staple Gun


Hot-glue gun



The fabric can be purchased at any fabric store such as Joann’s or Fabric Warehouse.  Now if this is your first time try selecting some fabrics with very little patterns or plain solids just in case the measurements of the fabric are shorter than what is needed, then the accident can be easily adjusted. It is strongly recommended that you use gloves while doing this process.

fabric wall panels

Fabric wall panels ideas

Image via: ASD  Interiors


Step 1

Pull out the measuring tape and measure the desired wall spaces that you want to be covered with the fabric that you have previously purchased.  Next, take the fabric and cut it to the length of the wall space that you measured.  Do your best to get the exact measurements just to make it easier on yourself if a glitch does occur then remember the fabric you chose was meant for this purpose.

Step 2

Now whether you have chosen the ceiling or somewhere else as the top start point for the fabric is completely up to you but you will take the fabric and your staple gun and carefully begin to staple the top of that fabric to the wall.  And follow with this procedure for the entire perimeter (outside) of the fabric, having each staple every two inches.  Begin to slightly overlap the sequential sections of the fabric and continue putting on the fabric until area is completely covered.

Step 3

Now the trim comes into play.  Take and cut strips of ribbons, cords, ropes, or whatever trim that will fit over the staples.  There are no boundaries to what trim you use, play it however you like.  Just make sure that you have enough to go over the seams between the fabric sections and the outside perimeter of the fabric.

Step 4

Finally, it’s time to use the hot glue gun.  Be very careful while doing this.  Take the hot glue gun and work small increments of the glue to minute segments so the glue will still be hot.  Apply the trim to the fresh glue and pressure to the trim carefully, and continue to do this process to cover every staple.

Fabric wall panels idea

Fabric wall panel ideas

Image via: BP.Blogspot

If you would like to just have small pieces of fabric covered panels then do the same process except, get a wooden boards that are the size you wish and take the overlay sections to the back ends of the board (see Step 2).  Enjoy!

For more DIY ideas on Stagetecture, & Stagetecture’s YouTube Channel, click here.


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