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Easy DIY Craft: How To Create Your Own Curtains

Entry #2141, February 25, 2013

Curtains add so much to your home interiors.  They help with lighting control, steadying the temperature and a great overall finish to the room.  But how many times have we (ourselves) gone to the department store only to get there and find out that what we need are out of stock or the wrong size for our windows or unpleasing to look at.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to get curtains that you actually like, that are the proper size, and will last?  Here, you will learn how to create your own custom curtains to fit your specific needs.

DIY curtain idea

Make your own curtains

Image via: Shelterness


1)      Measuring Tape

2)      Fabric

3)      Pin Needles

4)      Needle and Thread

  1. Optional- Sewing Machine (If you already have one)


How To Create Curtains

How To Create Curtains

Image via: Jogja Images


1)      You want to measure the size of your windows, to help you decide on how much fabric you may need and how long you want your curtains to be.

2)      Next, you will need to purchase the fabric for the curtains and you can go to any fabric store of your choice or even if you think it is convenient for you, you can order them online.

3)      If you have a basic window then 7’ X 9’ (7 by 9 foot) of tapestry should be a good enough amount to cover it.  Measure how low you want the fabric that you purchased, then slice that fabric in half and begin to sow the hem on the edges.

  1. To help keep the fabric together while you sow take pin needles and pin the fabric down in a line that you will use to sow the hem.
  2.  If you are covering larger windows then you will need more fabric for covering (add at least 1-2 feet to the measurements when purchasing the fabric).  But you will continue with the same process as stated above.

4)      Hem the top of the curtain with a loop, so that the curtain will be able to easily slip through the rod.

5)      Now, if you would like to have a double-layer reversible curtain purchase two different fabrics and sow the backs of the fabrics together.  After the fabrics have become one then treat them as such and do the steps above and there you shall have your double-sided, layered, reversible curtain.

There is nothing like upgrading your space with a change in the window treatments.  It is cost effective, saves you time and money plus these curtains will be your custom made creations.  Have fun with it and try it out!

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