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Get to Know The Designer: Steven Gambrel & ‘Timeless’ Design

Entry #2140, February 25, 2013

The Start-Up

Steven Gambrel is one of the most gifted interior designer/ architects known to this day. His work ethic and approach to design is so unique and original that is well respected amongst his peers and nationwide.  Gambrel attended the University of Virginia where he obtained a degree in architecture.  Just three years after he then founded his design company in 1996, Timeless Interior Design.  During the years Gambrel’s work has been just as the title of his business, “Timeless.”

The Start-Up

The Start-Up

Image via: Style Intel

How He Creates

In his book he states, “It is important to me to not only design rooms and house that fit our chosen lifestyles of today, but to also respect and embrace those qualities that exist and speak of the history of the time in which it was built.”  This enables the accomplished results he creates after every finished project, within every project there is history (a story).  He also goes on to say that he enjoys reading his clients, getting to know them, helping them to live their lives to the fullest contentment by giving them the appropriate tools in order to design their dream environment.

How He Creates- Lower Fifth Townhome

How He Creates- Lower Fifth Townhome

Image via: S.R. Gambrel

Depending on the client, the space can look bold and striking or subtle yet with exciting detail.  Steven Gambrel achieves with his clients what every artist wishes to create for themselves, which is the ability to fully express themselves in what they create and enjoy the end result!  He seems to take the essence of a person’s character and have it designed in an entire area.

How He Creates

How He Creates

Image via: Swank Lighting

Branching Out

Steve Gambrel is much like a renaissance man nowadays.  While continuing to work on architectural and interior design projects, he has also had a book published called “Steven Gambrel: Time and Place.”  He created a lighting collection for the Urban Electric lighting company and a furniture piece collection partnered with James Lowther.  Steven Gambrel’s journey is limitless.

Gambrel credits his parent s for supporting him in his endeavors and encouraging him to pursue what he loved.  Art lessons, tours of historic villages and abandoned houses, flea markets, and the non-stop construction projects that he work on while living with them all were to his benefit.

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