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Guest Blogger: Best Ways to Bring Natural Light Into a Dark Kitchen

Guest Blogger #879, Entry #2148, February 28, 2013

If there’s one room in the house where people should feel light and happy, it is the kitchen. That’s because it’s where a lot of family interaction takes place as meals are prepared and enjoyed on a daily basis. But if when you first purchased your home, the kitchen came with a decor that is a little on the darker side than you would have liked, you might have been unsure of how to brighten it up ; therefore, you left it looking that way for quite some time. However now, you might feel like it needs a bit of a change.

lighting a dark kitchen

Tips for bringing light to your dark kitchen

Image via: Melton Design Build

Do you want some tips on how to bring some natural light into a dark kitchen? If so, we’ve enclosed five ideas for you below:

Paint it.

Color absorbs light and there are definitely certain colors that are best for your kitchen walls. Although some people might assume that shades of white are best, according to many interior designers, variations of yellow, blue and orange are wonderful colors that encourage natural light to shine through.

Put in a glass French door.

There is certainly no rule that says that your door has to be made of wood. Something else that you can do to let natural light in is to put in a glass French door. They can add a sense of sophistication to your kitchen, plus there are a variety of options to choose from. Another benefit of having a French door is that you can have security features built into it so that you can feel safe about having glass doors while you’re at work or away on vacation.

Install some sky lights.

If you don’t have many windows in your kitchen, another option to consider is having some skylights installed into your roof. Not only will they brighten up the space, but they can also help to naturally warm up your home, which can help to significantly reduce your monthly energy bills. Plus, there’s nothing like being able to look up on a clear night and see all of the stars shining through one of them.

kitchen window idea

Light can make your kitchen feel more inviting

Image via: Group 41 Inc.

Change your window treatments.

Sometimes, it’s the really little changes that can make a drastic difference. If you have curtains that are made of a dark and thick fabric or you have dark wooden blinds, then it can be pretty hard for the sun rays to get in. Whether you have an older home or you’re considering installing one of the latest flat pack kitchens that continue to be quite popular, consider changing your window treatments. If you want to continue using curtains, opt for using sheer fabrics of a lighter color. If you want more coverage, consider putting up some roller shades with a neutral or pastel hue.

Add some mirrors.

One tip that will not only accentuate the natural light in your kitchen, but can also make the room look much larger is to hang up a couple of mirrors. By placing them across from a window or where it can reflect a skylight, your kitchen will instantly look much brighter. The added bonus is that it will be for a fraction of the cost of all of the previous suggestions, which just might make it the best tip of all.

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