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Guest Blogger: Bringing Country Charm to your Kitchen

Guest Blogger #864, Entry #2079, February 8, 2012

A country kitchen is something that many homeowners dream about. They’re stylish, practical, and provide the perfect space for lazy afternoons baking tasty delights. On top of all this, they’re also massively on-trend at the moment. If you aren’t an interior design professional though, it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to recreating the look in your own home.

Here, we suggest ways that you can create a country style kitchen.

country kitchen

Bring country kitchen charm to your home

Image via: The Kitchen Designer

Use a range of materials to add interest

The best country kitchens use a range of materials to add interest and depth. It’s not a polished and perfect look that you’re going for, so don’t be afraid to add mismatched items and bright colours here and there. For example, you might have a range of bright pans on display, a gingham cloth on your table, and cabinets in a variety of finishes. The beauty of a country kitchen is that it doesn’t require such a regimented approach to design.

Lay wooden floor tiles for a durable yet stylish finish

A wooden floor is a must in any country kitchen, but it can often be difficult to look after and maintain. If you live in a busy house where many guests are coming and going, you could find that your floor is ruined in no time at all due to high heels and other sharp items. Wooden floor tiles are the perfect solution for this. They give the look that you’re aiming for, but will last much longer.

Try vintage pieces of furniture


The great news about country kitchens is that not everything has to be brand new. In fact, if you can pick up pre-loved pieces of furniture from charity stores and car boot sales, it’ll only add to the overall look. Look for distressed pieces, and consider putting your own spin on them once you get home. Adding doorknobs or even just a coat of paint can have them looking fresh in no time at all.


country kitchen idea

Bring the essential amenities of country charm into your kitchen

Image via: Traditional Home

Create a feature from dried flowers

To make your kitchen even more welcoming, consider creating a talking point with some dried flowers. This could be in the form of lavish wreaths for doors, or even just a few arrangements in glass vases. It’ll add a splash of colour and help to bring your space to life, especially during the dark winter months.

What do you love most about country kitchens? Have you ever tried to create the look in your home?

This article was brought to you by Ruth Hinds on behalf of Tons of Tiles. ToT imports and supplies a wide range of quality ceramic and porcelain tiles for bathrooms, kitchens, and any area of your house that you would like to improve.

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