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Guest Blogger: How to Create A Custom Sisal Rug for your Interiors

Guest Blogger #873, Entry #2130, February 22, 2013

If you’re an eco-friendly individual and you like rugs, you’ve probably considered purchasing a natural rug before. There are many options to choose from but sisal rugs seem to be the most popular and trending. The reason being: they are durable, require minimal maintenance and look great in just about any room. Regardless, there are a few things to consider when making a purchase decision.

Sisal rug idea

What type of sisal rug fits your home?

Image: Pinterest

Determine which sisal rug is best for your home:

First, it’s important to figure out where the rug will be used. From there it’s a good idea to decide on the size, weave pattern and shape. A great way to decide these features is to design your own custom rug.

Because sisal carpet does not build up static or trap dust, maintenance is a breeze. A once over with any standard vacuum will do the trick. However, if your sisal is placed in an area where liquids can be easily spilled, further treatment may be necessary. If so, a fiber sealer can help prevent liquid absorption and dry-cleaning powder will remove any accumulated stains.

Sisal rug ideas

Choose a sisal rug that matches your interiors

Image via: BHG

Sisal rug benefits:

There are also a number of benefits associated with owning sisal rugs. Because of their dense atomic structure, sisals damper noise by absorbing vibrations. Meaning they can reduce sound between levels, especially if placed on hard, tiled floors. Another cool capability is that sisal rugs can be woven with softer materials, such as wool to reduce roughness. And, sisal rugs are completely biodegradable, so they can be thrown out or recycled once they’ve run their course.

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