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How to Light Your Kitchen Like a Professional

Entry #2101, February 12, 2012


Who doesn’t want to light their kitchen like a professional? It’s like bringing magic in your home every time you feel bored with the existing design. This skill can be developed if you desire.  Your kitchen is one of the rooms that is full of activities. It will help if you will lighten it up for better ambiance, and better task oriented illumination when preparing and cooking food.

kitchen lighting ideas

Light your kitchen like a pro

Image via: AWH Photo and Design

With proper lighting, you will definitely enhance your kitchen interior in a snap of the switch.

Here are some great ideas on how to light your kitchen like a pro:

Take it from the top

Since lighting are generally positioned on top, you have to make use of the lights focus to accentuate your countertops or workplaces. This is not only giving emphasis to your furniture looks but also gives a beautiful radiance to the surrounding.

Invest in the right lighting fixtures

This is probably the best and simplest way to do it like a pro. A lot of lighting fixtures are available for you to mix and match with your existing or preferred design. Look for a lighting fixture that has a distinctive style and looks that will demand attention. That will spell the difference.

kitchen lighting ideas modern

Creative lighting ideas

Image via: Michael J. Lee

Have extra lighting options

These are miscellaneous lighting that will add beauty and functionality in your kitchen. For instance, you can add lights inside or at the bottom of your cabinet. Lighting inside will help you see clearly what’s inside especially when dark. The bottom lighting can be very helpful in food preparations.

These are simple yet effective ways to light your kitchen like a pro. Make sure to ask for assistance from a skilled individual if you’re not sure about electrical connections. Better safe than sorry.

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