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Love Fashion? Make it Inspire your Interiors!

Entry #2100, February 12, 2012

Fashion is all around.  It plays a huge role in our lives whether male, female, child or even canine.  For every person there is a custom style that matches our personalities.  So why not take that custom style and use it as inspiration for the decor within our homes.  Some say that the home is a reflection of its owner, and how true would that be now?

Fashion Style
Fashion Style

Image via: Clara Belle Blog

Find Your Style

The first step is to discover what your style is?  Do you go for the sophisticated look, playful patterns, bohemian vibe, simplistic elegance, etc.? Perhaps you are a mixture that’s fine too.  After you narrow down what your preferences begin to search through your closet to find the pieces that have a good portion of those choices if not all.  Then use those chosen items as the foundation for your décor selections.

Make the Selections

Selecting Your Style
Selecting Your Style

Image via: How to be trendy

It could be a shoe, dress, handbag, earring, necklace or all of the above.  You have fun deciding.  Third, go browsing for the things that you would want to put in your home that you have drawn out from the things you have chosen from your closet.  Like paint colors, furniture, accents pieces, accessories and more.

Put It All Together

For Example:

Fashion Inspired Interiors

Fashion Inspired Interiors

Image via: Interior Design for Houses

Look at the image of the living room above and see how the patterns, textures, accessories, and the color palette are greatly inspired by the two images at the bottom of the dress and shoe.



Image via: Ebay



Image via: Janelle wooten

 The dramatic French design of the chandelier that is similar to the design at the bottom of the dress or the zebra printed shoes that are part of the focal points of the seating area along with the contrasting yellow sofa, that brings in the black/white with yellow contrast.

Now these ideas began with two seemingly small start points but were essential to the development of the entire room.  Get creative, inspired and have fun! Explore more ways to express yourself, try it out!

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  1. Ronique

    Hi Katherine,

    I’m not sure how to source the couch as all images on Stagetecture are for inspiration. We found the image via: Interior Design for Houses. Hope this helps, thanks for the comment!

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