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Non-Traditional Valentine Colors: Reward Yourself or Sweetheart!

Entry #2069, February 4, 2012

Now we all know the typical and traditional colors for Valentine’s Day are red, pink, and white.  Which are truly great colors they are soothing and some of them represent the color of the heart which equate to the colors of love.  But what about changing up the scene? Why not try colors that have a similar appeal but are just visually different.  Try adding and mixing colors that usher in the spring season while rousing the relaxing warm feel to the environment.

Grab Flowers from Non-traditional Places

natural spring flowers

Grab flowers from your local market – they don’t have to match!

Image via: Maggie Lyn

We love the red, pink, and white collection.  It was what we grew up with but let’s mix in some of the color combinations that are nature-inspired and see where they might take us.  Surprise yourself with something new and refreshing that will still provide the loving and inviting atmosphere of Valentine’s Day.  Choosing colors such as the Red-Orange, Yellow, Green and White combination still has a fun and energetic feeling.  One is still getting the heart-warming environment a just different visual appeal.

Color of Love Inside – Where do you find Inspiration? 


Non Traditional Valentine Colors

Back to red is the color of the heart and with the heart we love.  Plenty of research has proven that before oxygen even touches the blood stream that the color of the blood is of a deep lilac.  The heart pumps blood which helps to give us life.  Without life there would be no love.  So again, you can still keep with the theme of love just represented in a different manner.  Plus lilac and sky blue bring an airy and light emotion to the space; since the two colors are cool/dulled colors they all the person to have a peaceful and calming holiday with an embrace of magical fantasy.

Show Team Spirit

Michigan blue yellow roses

Non traditional Valentine Colors


Who’s got Spirit?  Why not display your Valentine’s Day Spirit by doing it in your favorite sports team colors?  We all know how excited we can become when our favorite team is in the super bowl, playoffs, or any championship game.  So let’s take some of that passion and use it for inspiration for our Valentine’s Day decor.  Again it’s just your own interpretation of how you would like to celebrate this holiday.  Take something that you care about and display it for your loved ones.

Valentine’s Day can be as unique as you would like for it be.  Isn’t that what makes it so special?  The fact that the decor is coming from a place of caring, sharing and thoughtfulness which is what matters the most.  Dress it up or played it down as much as you would like.

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