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Organizing Your Bathroom for Maximum Comfort

Entry #2065, February 1, 2012


Your bathroom is also known as the comfort room of your home. The name speaks for itself because it is where you find comfort and perform personal hygiene for your body, but also you love to relax from a long day in your bathroom. . This is one of the few rooms in your home where you spent time on a daily basis. The bathroom may only occupy a small chunk of your floor area but it serves a lot of your necessities.

Your bathroom should be a place of comfort. It should be a place where you can sit down and relax or stand and refresh yourself. One of the most effective ways to provide a pleasant ambiance to your bathroom is by keeping the area organized.

bathroom organizer builtin shelving

Organize your bathroom with unique shelving

Image via: XTC Design

Here are great ideas on organizing your bathroom for maximum comfort:

Consider shelving

Having enough shelves should make your bathroom orderly. Consider installation of glass shelves for your bathroom essentials like the toiletries, storage tumblers and personal hygiene products. You can categorize each item according to their function for easy access. But be careful not to install too much of shelves and make it look cluttered.

bathroom vanity storage

Consider creative shelving ideas

Image via: Cassia Design

Dual functioning organizers

There are many organizers that serve dual functions. Roll-up organizer is popular for women with jewelry, makeup supplies, etc, that they can transport anywhere they need.  This is having one storage organizer with two functions. The roll-up organizer can be a bathroom organizer and at the same time your mobile travel-ready storage. This type of organizer is designed to look neat and orderly. You can hang the roll-up organizer easily by using a hook.

bathroom organizer over door

A bathroom organizer made from a travel roll-up organizer

Image via: A Typical Type A

Prefer liquid dispensers over bottles

More often than not, bottles of shampoos and body washes hodgepodge your bathroom. The shuffled bottles and the ones that are put aside can make your bathroom look so messy. The liquid dispensers like those in the spa can solve this problem. These dispensers look so tidy and can save a lot of space as compared to the bottles.

Make yourself comfortable in your bathroom. Consider these useful tips in organizing your bathroom. Besides, it is you that will benefit in the long run.

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