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Simple Valentine’s Day Crafts for Your Kids

Entry #2067, February 2, 2012

Valentine’s Day is celebrated by all, young and mature.  Sometimes the greatest Valentine memories were when we were younger and got excited about having someone slip us a Valentine card or candy on our desk or goodie bag while in school.  Well here are some fun kid crafts that everyone will enjoy doing but especially the kids.

childrens valentines crafts

Tie wrapped candy together for a Valentine’s necklace!

Image via: Cupcakes and Crinolin

Valentine’s Day Wall Paper with A Twist

Valentine's crafts

Kids’ Crafts for Valentine’s Day

Image: Martha Stewart

Make your own Valentine’s Day Wall Paper.  It is an easy-to-do craft that takes minutes.  First start off by getting any type of colored or patterned paper.  Now the paper can be gift wrapped or construction it all depends on you.  Next, you can tape or hang it to the wall (double sided tape would be preferable).  Third, get anything that is Valentine’s Day related and begin to tape it to the paper.  This includes candy, notes; little cut out hearts and just run wild in decorating the paper!

Custom Made Candy Bags

Kids Crafts for Valentine's Day

Kids Crafts for Valentine’s Day

Image: Martha Stewart

Create your own special candy bags.  First begin with printing a small picture of the child or children or even of something that is just special to them like a star or an action figure.  Get the photo copied for how many bags you would like to make.  Purchase small clear bags for the candy to go inside of and get any small sized candy that you would like.  Tarts, nerds, gobstobbers, chocolate kisses and feel free to mix and match the candy you put inside of the bags.  Finally, get the photo that was previously printed, place it on top of the opening of the candy bag, and staple it onto the bag that is filled with candy and viola you have your own custom candy bag.

Valentine’s treats to make with you!

Valentines Day chocolate strawberries

Make chocolate covered strawberries with your kids

Image via: Food Network

What’s more fun than making something and being able to eat it?  Chocolate covered strawberries are always a perfect way to taste the holiday.  Due to the fact that they carry the fruit and chocolate sweetness that makes everyone happy and everyone can help to make them.  Start off with 1 pound of fresh strawberries (with stems) that have been rinsed and dried, six ounces of semi-sweetened chocolate (if wanted, three ounces of white chocolate).  Heat a small pot filled with water until it comes to a boil, once that occurs then turn off heat and take the pot off the burner.  Next, get a heat safe bowl and fill it with the semi-sweet chocolate (chopped if not already in small pieces) and stir for about a 1-2 min or until smoothed.  Then the fun begins, dip those strawberries in the chocolate one at a time and place them on a cooking sheet.  After all strawberries have been placed then put in the freezer for about 30-40 min then take out and enjoy!

Kids love to celebrate Valentine’s Day probably more than adults and just letting them go free with their imaginations on this day will be great for them.  These crafts are not hard to do and can be completely fun and exciting for the family.  In fact ask them what ideas do they have in mind and see what they can come up with.

For more Valentine’s Day ideas on Stagetecture, click here.


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