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Simple Ways to Create Mini Gardens with Succulents

Entry #2127, February 21, 2013

Almost everyone loves to go for smaller items nowadays. It’s because of the mobility and distinct beauty that mini items are getting popular. These mini designs are also invading homes. One of the well-liked leisure for homes is the mini gardens. This is a mini project that gives a huge improvement for your home garden.

The mini gardens are decorative masterpieces that you can create during weekends, holidays or leisure times.

small garden succulents planter

Create mini gardens in your home

Image via: Shades Of Green Landscape Architecture

You will never go wrong hanging these beautiful minis at any area at home. Here are great ideas on how to create mini gardens:

Do it with corks

This is an extremely fantastic mini garden idea. Corks have the natural looks for a garden project. The corks use as pots or vases for your plants. This material is lightweight and very suitable for planting. You can fasten the corks easily and you can use a magnet to secure its place on your wall or even the fridge. This is perfect for people who love to change the arrangements frequently.

Unconventional containers

If you want a real deal, this is the way to do it. There are a lot of snail shells that you can get to the shore of a swamp or anywhere you know you can get it. The snail shell design is uniquely stylish and very suitable for filling soil in the hole. Carefully hook a string on the sides so you can hang it or simply arrange them on your tables.

succulents planter

Succulents planter ideas

Image via: Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture

Choose small containers

You can actually do this in any cup that isn’t usable. But a tea cup would definitely look gorgeous as planters. Consider the cup as your pot and do the basic planting procedure in it. A saucer underneath the cup will add beauty to this piece of art.

Small is beautiful – this would best describe these mini garden projects. Give it a try and you will find it fun and worthwhile hobby.

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