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The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas with a Twist

 Entry #2071, February 4, 2012

The Valentine gifts start filling the stores toward the beginning of the holidays. However, the wide range of gift items also drives your mind to various directions, leaving you wondering what to pick up for your special one. There is a common conception that women love jewelry, flowers, and chocolates while men are fond of alcohol, multi-tool gadgets, and latest devices but in order to make the gift item unique, you have to add your creative twist to it.

valentine gift ideas

Creative wrapping ideas can make any Valentine gift different!

Image via: Reachli

Discard Traditional Gift Ideas

The gift shops are hoarded with numerous gift items this time. You will get everything there – from heart-shaped chocolate to boxer shorts. However, the gift that will actually count is the one that your special one cares for. You have to listen to him/her carefully to get the clues of what s/he actually wants. Do not let your mind to be boggled with traditional gift ideas. Your dear one could be delighted by having just a book rather than a fancy dress or accessory. Tickets to baseball match can make a man more delighted than a bunch of flowers while a girl could be impressed by having something new for her collectibles shelf rather than an impersonal heart-shaped box of chocolates.

valentines gifts

Why not give them a gift that reflects their personality?

Image via: Travel – Babbles

Spend Time Together

The best gift for your loved one could be spending some time together with his/her. The best thing would be to dine a meal with your partner. Prepare at least one favorite dish of his/her with one or two other items. Add creative touches to the decoration and presentation of the meal to make it memorable to your beloved. Add heart-shaped crockery, roses, red candles, soft music, and on the top of it, your unquestionable and undivided attention for the evening. A romantic meal and your heartfelt attention – a combination that will never go wrong.

A typographical pillow that will bring smile on your Valentine's face.

A typographical pillow that will bring smile on your Valentine’s face.

Image via: Etsy

Think of Something Different

A photo or a typographic pillow will give your Valentine something to snuggle up when s/he cannot be with you. A pillow with his/her favorite quotes or words or your photo with some words imprinted on it would be a cute gift unlike anything your beloved has ever received before. It will also show that you really care for your partner.

Give Personal Touches

A traditional gift can also be special if has a personal touch in it. Jewelry is one of the most traditional Valentine gifts but you can make it special just by spending a little bit time. Engrave an inside joke that makes you both smile or a secret name that you use to call your partner endearingly. You can also make the jewelry by your own. Purchase beads, jewelry wire, and a clasp. Make a bracelet and present it to your Valentine.

Personal touches to gift items will make them very very special.

Personal touches to gift items will make them very very special.

Image via: Babble

You can generate hundreds of gift ideas if you just think a bit out of the box. The trick to make your Valentine happy is to give his/her either what s/he admires or something that proves your love to him/her.

For more Valentine’s gift ideas on Stagetecture, click here.

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